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Cooking Class “La Cucina Flegrea” with Anna

Rigatoni alla Vodka     Spaghetti alla Rucola (Arugula)    Tagliatelle Zucchini          When we arrived Anna had bruschetta made on grilled bread,  a plate of verdi  and Kalamata olives and two cheeses for appetizer placed on a table waiting for us.  She poured a glass of wine for each of us, red or white.  A bottle of water, too.  She demonstrated all three dishes and then each of us got to choose and make one  by ourselves. The four of us made the Rigatoni with the Vodka Sauce.   Watching all the work behind the scenes in the restaurant kitchen was impressive. When Anna prepared each dish it looked effortless. The combination of the ingredients makes each dish taste perfect!   She had the recipes printed and tied together so we could add more recipes from another class.  We ate AND took home leftovers.  Delicious.  We learned a lot about different olives, cheeses, pastas, olive oil, how to dice an onion without crying.  All the classes are held 12:30 so we were finished in time for them to get ready for the evening service. What a satisfying way to spend a winter afternoon.

Next class February 27th.  La Cucina Flegrea  2114 Murray Ave   Pittsburgh, PA 15217 (412)521-2082

Pink Toilet Waiting in the Snow

On the Way to School This Morning

What I Found on the Sidewalk

Had just left school and was headed for tea.   Drove by.  Pulled over and got out and walked back to photograph these three chairs.

I Saw Three Chairs Just Sitting There as I Drove to Dorothy's for Tea


This store has been here forever.

Penn Ave at the Corner of Negley Pittsburgh PA

Shot While Waiting for Joan to Answer the Door

How Many Styles of Architecture? Pittsburgh PA

Walked out of the Art Institute on Boulevard of the Allies downtown.  Dropped off 3 photographs for the Teacher Appreciation Show (reception Feb 18th 5-7 PM)   Saw the various styles overlap from this angle.  A bus roared by.

Friday Afternoon Downtown Pittsburgh Buildings and a Bus

What I Found by the School Dumpster

Plastic Dinosaur on Sidewalk by the School Dumpster

Seen Near a Gas Pump in Columbus

United Dairy Farmers' Cracked Asphalt by Gas Pump Columbus OH

Rock Salt, Wreath and a Shovel Handle

Trash Across the Street from School Today

Elf Hut

Josephine St On Way to School

Stuck behind stopped school bus, I got this shot

Pittsburgh Police Motorcycles & Car Lined Up in Front of Station

A thanks to the police who came tonight and checked everything out around the house and yard while we were at the movies.   A couple of guys on the roof of the greenhouse next door, ran down the drive when startled by another neighbor coming to feed the cats.   The police came right away.

One day I was stopped at the red light and this looked so orderly! And a bit retro, the station sort of Dick Tracy style.

On the way home from school-Arlington Avenue

Moravian Stars Light Friendship Neighborhood

Friendship Ave. near West Penn Hospital, you drive around the corner and you see the magical stars, lighting the night.  Varying sizes, the neighbors string them through the trees.  It is a sight.

Stars light the night of January 18th

Vintage Hardware Store Pittsburgh

One of the few remaining. Not eaten up by the giants.  Get a key made, some glass cut, how about a real mop, some rock salt?  Shop now.  Two blocks from school last Thursday afternoon when the sun came out.

Memories of Childhood   The hardware store.

Arlington Avenue. Will see about interior shots with permission of owner.

Wonderful Sign to Find on a Porch

Saw this sign after school and reading it made me feel happy for this family

Man as Pizza Slice in the Snow

Backview on Centre Avenue

Pizza Slice Front View Through the Windshield Centre Avenue After School

Remnants of Christmas in the Snow

January 14 Arlington After School

January 13 Aspinwall

January 13 Aspinwall Front Porch

January 14 Arlington After School

January 13th Aspinwall

Holy Family In The Snow

Columbo St. closed enroute to work. Found them as I drove on the detour.

Shopping Cart in the Snow

Guess they couldn't get it up those snowy steps

Inflatable Sheep in the Snow

Across from School on Arlington Avenue

Sunflowers in the Snow

Near the Bloomfield Post Office, these flowers caught my eye.  I had just mailed  a package to my DIL in Ohio. I told the clerk I was mailing the hat I had just finished knitting.  “Did you ever read The Knitting Circle.” she asked.    “Never heard of it”, I replied . She stepped back and reached under the different envelopes and pulled out the book.(author Ann Hood)   I asked, “Do you knit?”    “No.  But reading this book makes me want to”

I told her about Natural Stitches Knitting Store in East Liberty by Staples and Trader Joe’s, the little strip mall where Phar-Mor used to be.


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