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Penguin Fans Watch Stanley Cup Playoffs on Giant TV

The roads blocked off, I didn’t want to get out and walk around. Steve drove us down after dinner at Grant Ave Bar in Millvale.  We watched it on the TV in the bar as we ate.  The mood was festive. Penguins beat the Canadiens 6-3 Just wanted to check out the scene.

Giant TV downtown at Mellon Arena. People actually have a plaid couch. Streets closed.

Night starting to fall. Shot out of Steve's window from the passenger seat while at a red light.

No More Beer Here!

Lawrenceville’s Historic (1861) Iron City Brewing now closed (click underlined name for links) According to the article the plan is shops, condos, a garage in the former stables. Beer production has moved to Latrobe. Stopped at a red light and a line of cars.  Textures from the cobblestones & metal bridge, black paint peeling. Stone wall and a sign. Framed by the car window.  Traffic  behind me in the mirror. Afternoon light on metal and stone.

Iron City Brewing left the city for Latrobe. They've been closing schools for years but the brewery??

Cobblestone, stone wall, rusting metal trestle-textures everywhere.

Watch Your Lettuce!

Steve and I picked up Dorothy to go to her daughter’s for dinner. As she got in the car, the rabbit hopped across her front lawn to her tulips. She’s planted lettuce in the back garden.  It was late in the day, the light coming from the side. When I see a rabbit I think of Watership Down(click link for more info).  I liked the book but not the movie.

Rabbit in the front yard by the tulips.

Looks like a postcard for Spring!

Dell’s Sundae Grill by Homestead Cemetery

Small Twist Cone/Dell's Sundae Grill

“Come On Baby, Drive My Car!”

Maura Clare McGrath 17 months old!

Come On Baby Drive My Car!

On the way to Munhall

There is a gas station at the corner, just before you drive down the hill and over the Homestead HighLevel Bridge.  I photographed it at night while sitting at the red light. Steve was driving.  Remember when they were called filling station? In Jersey they still pump your gas.

I usually don't pull into a gas station at night but like to think about them.

Bellevue’s Famous Sign

Remembering Christina Radis Murdock

Rovinj Croatia at Dusk

from the Croatian travel archives Summer 2008

Almost Sunset

Roman Temple in Pula, Croatia

Temple of Augustus built c. 2 B.C.  click on the name for the history.

Put back together after hit by a bomb in 1944

Waterfalls in Croatia

Plitvička Jezera is a Croatian National Park with Waterfalls and Lakes

What I Found Right in the City

For all your taxidermy needs, right in Carrick along Brownsville Road.  Seeing this surprised me.

What do you want to be when you grow up? No student ever replied "taxidermist!"

3 Figures Across the River at Birmingham Bridge

Full photograph of Birmingham Bridge on the Monongahela. Detail of crop from same photo-scroll down. The shadow of the bridge on the sunlit river made a cool pattern. The people showed up when I enlarged the photo.

After dropping off Mill at Night at the Pittsburgh Technology Center on the Mon

3 Figures Across the River at Birmingham Bridge

Anna Rests on Murphy

Anna rests on Murphy the Airedale Terrier

Favorite from the Archives- Hardy Virginia. Taking a rest on Murphy.

The Art of Bubblegum

Dad demonstrates the art of bubble gum. Jack is delighted.Jack watches his Dad perform magic- blowing a bubble gum bubble!

Pointe Shoes Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Using an India Ink Artist Pen, I wrote ballet terms in French on the right shoe, and on the left shoe, all the ballets the Pittburgh Ballet Theatre has performed the past 40 years.  This pair of pointe shoes is on display at the Benedum this weekend and ballet goers can bid on them in a silent auction. The call was for artists to make an artwork using a pair of used pointe shoes, which you could pick up in the strip where they practice.  Just before I turned them in I took a quick photo of them in the car. They are in an acrylic box for display.  Update Saturday afternoon:  Just got a call that the shoes were selected to be in the top five! Chosen by Eric C Shiner, The Milton Fine Curator of Art at the Warhol Museum! Invited to a Swan Lake Soiree Cast Party tomorrow afternoon.  I am excited!

Artwork for the Silent Auction Fundraiser at Swan Lake

Ballet terms in French on right shoe, Repertoire on the left shoe

Shoo Flies Method from Handy Tip Email-Urban Legend or Not?

Charlotte's Home Remedy for Fly Invasion

Sat down for tea on Dorothy's porch and saw she actually made a fly deterrent.

Dorothy’s Back Porch Fly Control- results not in at this time

V sent an email the other day with the zip lock plastic bag, pennies and water tip.  She had received it from a friend who had received it from someone else. You know how it goes around.  And this particular email (SNOPES says it is UNDETERMINED)I forwarded to Dorothy and I went to Dorothy’s for tea today and what did I see?  An actual zip lock bag with pennies and water, reflecting the setting sun.  SNOPES has not confirmed this email as true/or false. There is a website called How to get rid of stuff, too. Click link for the info on how to get rid of flies. Will get the report from Dorothy on whether or not this method repels flies.

Rhubarb & Savoy Cabbage-Opposites on Color Wheel

How do you feel about rhubarb?  People either love it or hate it. There is no in-between.  The rhubarb in Joan’s garden returns every year.  The leaves are supposedly poison. To me the word rhubarb is comical.    A sure sign of Spring.  The lighting was not great at the grocery but sometimes one is moved to photograph anyway. Click the word rhubarb for more info, recipes and how to tend it. Rhubarb reminds me of my grandmother.  My sister made strawberry rhubarb preserves and we’d slather it on warm Zito’s bread when the kids and I would visit her in NYC.

How do you feel about rhubarb?

Complementary colors, waiting in Produce Section.

Steel Mill at Night on the Monongahela River

Some things draw you in.  I returned to West Mifflin to see if I could get the mill in sharper focus.  The atmosphere affects the smoke coming out of the smokestacks. I got out of the car this time.  Once the trees are in full leaf it will be harder to get the entire scene.

Time Flying in Stained Glass (2)

It was a different kind of day. Testing. I was a helper-outer on the second floor  the first two periods.  When I returned to the art room I came down a stairwell I don’t use. The window with the sun coming through. An hourglass with wings?  All those inventors and scientists. I wondered what ones the students would know. It was my prep. I went to the art room and got my camera.  I remember a statue of Howe in Seaside Park in Bridgeport CT where I went to college.  Remembered I lived on Howe St. when we first moved to Pittsburgh. I had to look up McCormick. Cyrus.  And George Stephenson.  Good thing it wasn’t Jeopardy with the category of inventors.  An unexpected find at school today. The hourglass with wings struck me. Scroll down to see the detail shot.

Coming down the stairs

What I Found at School Today.

Backyard Ballet with Aunt Lala (2)

Exuberance, action, playfulness.  Why it’s fun to spend the weekend in Ohio.  Doesn’t sound right to say you enjoy shooting the family, though. My favorite time is when they just ignore me and go about their business. The business of play.  No one two three cheese for these.

Joy in action, freezing the jumps! I felt like a National Geographic photographer.

Michael joins Anna and Laura for the jumping.

6 1/2 Years Old on a Swing

Robert Louis Stevenson – “How do you like to go up in a swing, up in the air so blue?  Oh I do think it the pleasantest thing, ever a child can do!”

Action shot in the backyard. My mother used to read this Robert Louis Stevenson poem when I was 6 1/2.

"Up in the air I go flying again, up in the air and down." RLS

Apple Trees Arch- Ohio Orchard-October 2009

Photo from the archives. V suggested posting an occasional favorite photograph  from before I started the blog.  She requested this one.

Ohio Orchard Apple Season October 2009

Anna, Erika, and Michael. Maura born a month later. Jack home napping with Dad.

Night Light in the City

Driving with Joan down Arlington Ave toward Liberty Bridge. We were headed home.  Book club (Under the Bridge by Rebecca Godfrey and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak) on Brownsville Rd.  The sky was so clear.   I asked Joan if she’d pull over and I’d get a shot. Going down to 39 tonight -up to 90 the other day?   Notice the jail all lit up on the riverfront(on right  of the bridge for the out-of-towners). Looks like condos. Anyone know how this site was chosen for the jail?

Pittsburgh skyline from Arlington Avenue coming down to Liberty Bridge.

The air clear and lights bright and being on the passenger side inspired the shot.

Feral Cat in Catnip- Study of Greens

Yesterday’s flowering pears prompted me to go out in the backyard this evening,  see how the Redbud tree is coming along.  Maybe continue with a theme. Lots of tiny buds but not quite open.  Ginny planted the tree in memory of my parents a couple of years ago.  The tree made it through all the snow and is flourishing.  And I look over in the raggedy herb garden and see the feral cat from next door, chewing on some catnip, a perennial that returned without tending. Took a shot but too far away to be interesting.  Edged over to the backporch steps and caught the green eyes looking right at me, catnip in front. Some of you may remember a post of the cat from the snowstorm(2-16-10).

Animal Rescue League of W PA link.

One of the ones we caught and had "fixed" at Animal Rescue League. Note left ear tip to mark this fact.


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