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Morning Light, Evening Light-Flowering Pears

You hear a lot about people working twelve hour days.  Every day.  I feel fortunate 8 is what’s required.  We made up a snow day Tuesday, staying until 7.   It was a beautiful day as I saw the beginning and the end of it at school, sky clear and blue.  Morning view from the East End of the school and evening view from the West End.  Out for a fire drill today I heard the clock chime like Westminster and didn’t even know it had that feature.  Really amazing to hear as we stood with the kids in a wiggly line, getting a headcount and waiting to be called back into the building.

Ft. Pitt School is a little over 100 years old. You can see they cleaned the brick.

Flowering pear trees before sunset at school

Coming out the driveway on the other side I saw this angle and light.

Reservoir at Dusk; Signage & 2 Ducks

Highland Park Reservoir Monday evening, just before dark.  Lots of people walking the perimeter in the summer-like weather. A few years ago there was a plan to cover the reservoir but a filtration system was installed instead. Scroll down for two ducks look like three.

Makes me think when I read the sign. Wonder if it does same for others. Looks like some ignore the sign.

Focusing on Duck in Center and another flew by so caught the duck and shadow

Two ducks look like three as second flew into the frame.

Neighbors Remember Three Fallen Police Officers

One year ago today(4/4),  three Zone 5 police officers, Eric Kelly, Paul Sciullo and Stephen Mayhle, were killed in the line of duty. Many city residents put blue light bulbs on the their front porches to honor these men.  I noticed a few more blue lights tonight. It’s after midnight and  I just drove back from Ohio. What a nice time I had with my family.   I was struck by the poignancy of the lighted blue star memorial and the 3 flags my Highland Park neighbors put in  front  of their home.  These thoughtful neighbors did not forget.  I thought how their families miss them, not just this anniversary but every day.

Not just a blue porch light. A whole lighted blue star on a big tree that someone sawed out of plywood..

Violet Egg in Afternoon Light

Concentration.  Stirring the egg in the food coloring.  Turning it carefully so it doesn’t break.  Afternoon light through the front windows. Anna dyes a violet one.  

Perspective Study in B & W

Big sister, little sister, walking together down the long hallway, the sunlight streaming through the windows- a pattern on the floor. Fifth graders learn how to draw a school hallway, how things close to you are larger, how all lines come together at the horizon’s vanishing point. Waiting for the boys to finish soccer class. Back and forth, back and forth, down the long hall. Spring break is vanishing rapidly. It’s been a good week.

Light patterns, a long hallway, big sister, little sister,

Anna and Maura entertain themselves waiting for their brothers to finish soccer class.

Kite Flying

Uncle Robert was an avid kite flier.  He had all shapes and sizes of kites and would fly them  expertly wherever he traveled. Family and friends see a kite and he comes to mind.  He was with us today.  One time he and Aunt Rhea visited us in Clarion (1982)and we drove to the football stadium parking lot.  He pulled a cool looking kite out of the trunk of his car. He had it soaring in no time at all.  Mark was just about the age Michael is now. I remember how excited Mark was to see the kite sail in the sky. Today the wind was strong  and Laura had the idea to try the kite with Michael and Jack.  They loved it!  Mark told me we bought Uncle Robert a kite in Bibione, Italy– a paratrooper and we mailed it from Germany.

Michael and Laura fly a kite in the backyard,

Another first. Today it is flying a kite. Michael tried to fly it too but Laura kept in the air the longest.

Waiting for the School Bus

One day a baby, seems a blink ago &  now she’s waiting for this huge school bus to take her to Kindergarten. I packed her lunch. Walked her down to the corner.  I remember putting Laura on the school bus about 21 years ago for her first day of Kindergarten in Kentucky, I didn’t drive her there or walk her in. Just see ya later and waved– so long.  Her two older brothers were with her but it is interesting to review your own parenting as you spend time with your grandchildren. Or call it things you wish you had done differently now that you are older and have time to think about it.  Never had to ride a school bus growing up.  Kindergarten in Newark NJ, 1957, my mother taught in the same school and we went together everyday.

Off to Kindergarten on the school bus in early morning light.

Anna waits for the bus driver to stop, motion to her to cross and get on the bus. She looked really small in the bus window as they pulled away.


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