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How to Put on a Swim Cap Before Your Event

Experimenting with the settings on the camera from across the pool.  The swimmers have to wet the cap before putting it on! Caught the cascade of pool water with a 70-200 L series lens(Canon). Converted to black and white as the color was a distraction from the water splashing.

The swim cap held a lot of water.

Waiting for the Vintage Plane to Land

Bolton Field, Columbus OH, Sunday afternoon in the hot June sun.  My grandsons and a friend watch the sky for the Liberty Belle.

The boys loved going to the airfield to check out the B-17.

Sunflower Petals Catch Late Day Sun

The bumblebee is in the shadow. Joan B's garden in Aspinwall.

Crepe Paper Spiral

Crepe paper streamers to decorate gyms and carnival booths seem old school. When cleaning out the art room, I uncovered a spiral, layers of colors of vintage crepe paper.  A couple of rolls were stained and faded but I took them out of the plastic wrappers, 49 cent pricetags. Who wound the spiral and why?        “a spiral emanates from a central point, getting progressively farther away as it revolves around the point.” wikipedia

Remember crepe paper streamers?

Remember twisting colors together, taping them up, then they'd droop?

Full Moon Over Newlyweds at Quicksilver

Midway PA out near Canonsburg. Every wedding has a feeling to it and this one Friday night was relaxed and  sweet.  What a nice couple.  We went out onto the golf course and checked the time, it was 10:10. Moonlight, the light from the clubhouse and indirect flash.  Megan and Gregg, the happy newlyweds. *Blogged with permission from a gracious bride!)  [24-70 L series Canon lens, 1" at 2.8 aperture. Canon 5D]

High school sweethearts enjoy their wedding day

It was a happy wedding. Thought we'd try to capture the full moon.

Furry Convention in Pittsburgh

Three Fursuited Friendly Furries

Happy to pose for the camera.

Drove downtown after school to 3G Gallery to pick up a photograph from a show and Amy said go to the lobby and check out the Furry Convention.  The Fursuit Parade is Saturday at 2 by the David Lawrence Convention Center.  Over 750 humans in fursuits. A man with a badge marked security, said this convention brings in 6 million dollars to Pittsburgh and they donate to local Animal Charities. Some wear ears and or tails but these three furries were in full suits. The convention is something I have heard about but not experienced before.  The news channels were walking around with microphones and cameras.

Formerly a Home, Now Torn Down

Where a house used to be. A vacant lot.

Wonder what it was like to be in the home that still stands when the demolition took place? If you want to know how to demolish a home in a “green way” click here

Summer Porch Scene

Porch swing, rocker, wind chimes

Invitation to sit a spell, relax. Second day of summer.

Suzanne’s garden lush greens. Variegated. Giant Oak Leaf Hydrangeas blooming. Lamb’s Ear and Lavender border the steps. Ripening blueberries in the back.  Seeing the latest projects and sharing details about family visits. Catching up with  a good friend. What a lovely way to spend a summer afternoon.

Twinkle Light Reflection After the Party

I plugged these in after eight years of just sitting and they worked!

Maura and the Glass Cabinet of Dolls

Putting her fingerprints all over Aunt Linda’s curio cabinet, Maura was so excited. This is from the archives(March) a follow-on to the doll theme from Saturday.  I found this series. None a perfect shot but putting them together you can feel her delight.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ninety Years in Not Quite 1 Minute- My Dad

Roy Joseph Hendricks

Born in Farmersville, Illinois February 26, 1912-

October 26, 2002- (Remains in Pleasant Valley, CT)

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  Eastern Redbud planted in my backyard in memory of my parents by friend Ginny N.

Their Eyes Looked at Me as I Walked By- I Had to Photograph Them

There they were, lying on the counter in the front hall of the school.  Cleaned out of someone’s classroom, but it so difficult to pitch something with a face, looking at you.  Each of these has stories to tell I know.  Reminded me of Erika and Anna’s beloved BabyDoll (to see 30 year old Babydollclick for 10/21/09 post)

Four old school dolls, discarded from someone's classroom. Staring at me.

If only they could talk.

Central Park Sailboats and Unauthorized Craft

From the archives.  Boats with a motor not allowed.  Took this when visiting my sister last Spring. Reminds me of Stuart Little.  It’s relaxing to watch the toy sailboats and the people who pilot them, the rental guy who retrieves them with a line. The motorized, remote control naval ship was zipping around between the peaceful sailboats.

New York City Central Park Sailboats

Find the remote control craft disturbing the peace.

Annual Crayon Peel and “Art Room Ritual” Poem

Soak the broken crayons in warm water and the papers peel right off!

About 5 years ago, my friend Lara  E. framed the poem in the newspaper, adding the crayon paper peelings around it. Last night at my final video class I scanned it and uploaded it to the blog while I waited for the screening to start.  This years crop yielded lots of crayons. The most whole crayons at the end of the year are violet ones.

Evening Light on a White Shirt and Green Rail

You notice the light on the object and how it’s reflected off the object, too.  This is the photo just before yesterday’s post- “real time” and yet the approach to the top, ready to drop, looked like a stronger moment. I put myself on assignment, studying the movement, the mood and the composition- all in a few blinks. I liked this one for the light.

Phantom's Revenge Roller Coaster Kennywood

Enough light to get it without a lot of blur. Although a bit of blur might make one queasy.

Headed for the Big Drop

After photographing family in West Mifflin Sunday afternoon, I drove a couple blocks to the Free Parking lot at Kennywood. Sat in the car with the 70-200 lens and watched a few loads of Phantom’s Revenge Riders speed by at different angles. It would be a long two minutes and fifteen seconds for me.  People love the thrill of roller coaster rides.  How about Rob and Bradley in Illinois going from park to park on tour?  Will fill you in on their stats when I receive them.   A new coaster is going to be on the site of the Turnpike Ride (my speed) and the numbers they tout are zero to fifty in three seconds, 90 degree drop. Any mention of G force and I am opting out!  WOW.

Phantom's Revenge Roller Coaster at Kennywood Park West Mifflin PA

Sunday early evening roller coaster ride.

Flags Fly at PNC Park

Happy Flag Day. Happy Birthday David.

My brother’s birthday is today. Flag Day. A legal holiday in Pennsylvania. There will be garbage pick up.  A non-holiday holiday. No special holiday meals.  I see flags and red, white and blue bunting around town. Some flags up since Memorial Day.

Here are the flags at PNC Park with the city behind!

I remember walking to the Betsy Ross House when our parents lived in Philadelphia, Mark in a stroller. Philadelphia may be the home to the first Flag Day. When I was a kid there was a piano in the classroom and we sang a lot of flag songs.

“Ice Sculptures Make Great Gifts”

Who knew?  I admit I’ve never considered purchasing an ice sculpture as a gift. But seeing this truck made me think of ice sculptures I have seen up close.  Plus, it’s hot and humid again so the idea of ice appeals to me.

Do-it-yourselfers?   You’ll need to read “Ice Sculpting the Modern Way, Joseph Amendola’s Ice Carving Made Easy and Mac Winker’s Ice Sculpture: The Art of Ice Carving in 12 Systematic Steps.” (from Wikipedia)

Last summer I watched an ice carver/sculptor whir a chainsaw, spew ice and find a dolphin inside the giant block.  Ellen’s daughter had  an R2D2 at her wedding, and Donna’s son’s wedding had a giant heart with their engagement photo inside the ice.

You sit at a red light and there it is- the thought of the day. The company lists themselves as the coolest guys around- more info click Mastroice on Herron Avenue

Brake lights and a message on a truck- long red light on Bigelow Boulevard

The Water Balloons at Field Day

Red teams, blue teams. Hot, muggy weather. Friday at school was Field Day. Tricycle races, tug-of-war, scratchy burlap potato sacks. My station was Golf Ball Relay- balance a golf ball in the bowl of a spoon,walk  the course without dropping it. Such concentration!  The station after mine, run by my colleague Erin,  was the water balloon toss. Take a step back and lob it across to a partner.  The filled balloons like swollen jelly beans, waiting in the giant garbage can, told me to run upstairs to my locker, get the camera out and photograph them between morning and afternoon sessions.  The students were so excited to go to the water balloons when Mr. Miller blew the whistle three times.

Water Balloons reflection

Noticed my reflections in the balloons, like a cameo.

Raindrops on Lily in Dorothy’s Garden

The gray and rain prevented me from photographing  all of Dorothy’s beautiful garden for her family. She tended it so well.   The blueberries ripening, a giant broccoli ready to cut.  New lettuces. And the tomatoes have really shot up.  As I was leaving, the vibrant orange stood out amongst the greens. I am certain there is a special name for this flower. Dorothy kept the tags and seed packets of what she planted in her garden, for future reference,

Giant orange lily with swollen raindrops sitting on the petals.

Just after it had rained.

Celebration of the Life of Dorothy H. Holley – 6 o’clock Friday night- Calvary Church in Shadyside, Corner of Walnut and Shady Ave.

Laundromat on Bryant Street

Laundry.  It piles up no matter what else is going on in life.  One week, years ago,  I wrote a tally mark every time I did a load.  Total 14. Grateful for washer and dryer at home.

looks like another era to me.

Waiting at the Railroad Crossing in Ohio

Gates down, red lights flash, bells clang- the freight train rolls by. Count the cars, kids!  Long trains in Ohio. Lots of cars.  Sit and wait.

Columbus Ohio, Railroad Crossing

Another opportunity to practice patience

Dorothy H. Holley – Poet, Friend

A slideshow, remembering Dorothy. Blackberries on Greek yogurt.  Roses, iris and tulips from her garden. The back porch where we’d sit, have tea, watch birds feed and bathe.  She wrote poems after viewing the photos of the Mill at Night and The Cider Press.  She baked fresh bread and gave me some to take home for Steve. She’d slice tomatoes and make summer sandwiches to share. She contributed many comments on the blog. She showed us how to live life with courage, grace and love. for Pittsburgh Post Gazette obituary click here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Service at Calvary Church Shady and Walnut, Friday June 11th 6:00PM

Roberto Clemente/Sixth Street Bridge Sunday Night

A dry ride home despite reports of severe thunderstorms. It was blue sky and white fluffy clouds, sun, intense green from the rain.  When I got back to the city it had gotten dark.  I pulled over by the Renaissance Hotel on Duquesne Blvd and caught the bridge.(Click to learn more about “self-anchored suspension”)

It was okay but I drove around the block for both arches, shooting through the windshield while sitting at the red light.

Roberto Clemente Bridge over the Allegheny River

Roberto Clemente Bridge/Sixth Street


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