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Murphy the Airedale Loves His Family

One good natured four-legged friend!

In the van on the way to a soccer game, Murphy doesn't seem to mind riding backwards.

The Best Damn Band in the Land Tryouts

After Erika and Laura ran the Spirit of Columbus Half Marathon, we drove home via Ohio State University Campus.  There in a hot parking lot were the Marching Band Tryouts.  Known as  The Best Damn Band in the Land, all brass and percussion. The kids loved marching around to the rapid drum beats.  We saw a young man running to his music audition portion, carrying his cymbals in a padded case.  Four hundred+ trying for 225 slots.  You have to try out every year. With two buckeyes in the family now and OSU being Steve’s and Dorothy’s alma mater one thinks about how team allegiances are born, how rivalries are formed. A lot depends on where yo live. Or move.  People have strong feelings about teams. And Marching Band music heightens pride and emotion.

Steelers’ fans not limited to just Pittsburgh but are around the world. For more info on the OSU Marching Band click here We had a nice but really hot day! Check out the buckeyes on the ceiling of stadium entrance.

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Watching Their Brother in his Soccer Game

Beautiful summer Saturday at the Soccer Field.

Watching Michael play in his soccer game. All three cheered when he kicked in a goal.

Entertaining Myself During a Lull in the Party

If I were wearing black pants I am sure I would look thinner.

What I Saw Because a Road Was Closed

Surely apartments now but I loved the sign with the morning light on the way to school.  Centre Ave at Chauncey.

Near Weil school on Centre Ave

The advantages of driving across the city to school? Seeing things I wouldn't have seen otherwise.

Carnegie Library- East Liberty- Grand Opening

Saturday August 28th at 10:00 AM.  Grand Opening of the East Liberty Branch of the Carnegie Library Pittsburgh.   Drove by on the way home from Meet & Greet at school tonight and the movie trucks were all parked in front so couldn’t get the view they show on their website – click for more info on their hours. The setting sun made the stone glow on East Liberty Presbyterian (Architect Ralph Adams Cram designed Calvary Episcopal Church in Shadyside as well)     I love libraries. Years ago when I used to bowl with the Greenfield Lunch Ladies I met  a nice woman Doris who worked in the branch before it was closed, gutted, and rebuilt.

East Liberty Presbyterian Church's Architecture

The church towers over East Liberty and the perspective is off but the stone is alive in the setting sun.

What’s in a Garage? (2 views)

New homes in the burbs might have a 3-car. Many city houses don’t have one! Saw this 1-car garage while stopped at a red light on Steuben Street.  No automatic garage door opener on this one.  My garage doors fold, glass panes at the top of each panel from the late 1920′s when it was built, and a tin ceiling! Garages-  attached, detached,  living quarters above.  The bus garages taken from the parking lot at the gym by Bakery Square.  “Things you find in a garage”, a good category for a game show. Mine is full of sleds, garbage cans, pruning shears, a stack of shingles, window washer fluid and old golf clubs. Time for a garage sale!

The Breasts are Birdhouses

Garden Goddess Sculpture by Charlie Holden, Master Puppeteer (contact info here) installed in Joan’s garden.  Scroll down for entire body view.

Charlie makes birdhouses out of tree parts and I gave one to the grandchildren for Christmas last year. A bird family moved in this Spring.

Emmett Kelly/ “Weary Willie” Clown

My sister thinks we got this hand puppet at the circus. It was before I was 5. Some people have a fear of clowns(coulrophobia)

There is an Emmett Kelly Museum in Sedan, Kansas -born there in 1898.  You don’t hear the word “hobo” anymore.

Another find while cleaning out.

How do you feel about clowns?


Exuberant Joy

Yoni and Aviva’s wedding was a happy celebration They graciously allowed me to post a photo for today.  Steve and I had a wonderful time sharing their special day.  It was a quick trip to Philadelphia and back late tonight but we are so glad we went.  Wishing them every happiness always.  Mazeltov! Now to get to sleep for the first day of school with the students.

Drexelbrook Drexel Hill PA

Catching one another's eye! It was a joyful day.

Jim’s Steaks South Street Philly

In Philly for about 24 hours for wedding Sunday at noon.  Steve and I drove up 16th St and he got out and read the Historic Marker at Louis Kahn’s office building 1501 Walnut St., drove past my parents’ old home on Lombard, and South Street where we actually waited in line with the other tourists. There is a lot of construction near Independence Hall. We drove by Ben Franklin’s grave where Mark and his Grampie used to throw pennies.     Drove out to City Avenue through a lot of traffic where we saw a man come out of nowhere and  cross highway  76 and jump on a car hood two lanes over.  Lots of police cars from all directions a minute or two later.   We tried to watch the local news to see what happened.  Unexpected. Glad he didn’t pick my car to jump on.

The Saturday night line at Jim's Steaks on South Street, Philly.

Alvin and the Chipmunks Cake- Michael is FIVE

Laura just texted a photo of the cake. Then we were on the phone. James was taking pictures with his new camera so I asked him to send an image via email.  I bagged the scheduled post. So today features the combined creative efforts of guest blogger/photographer James Weaver – & the birthday cake Aunt Lala created for Michael Joseph who is five today. Happy Birthday Michael!

First time La has attempted the buttercream transfer process She says it is harder than it looks!

Frosting recipe-  3 sticks of butter, 8 cups of Confectioner’s sugar, some Wilton foodcolor, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 3 Tablespoons of milk.

For information on Alvin and the Chipmunks click here

Buttercream Transfer Process

Happy 5th Birthday Michael!!

Urban Communication

Gangwish Street in Bloomfield.

Wish I could have entered this shot in the Communication show.

I have 3 photos in Communication  show/1650 Gallery, 1650 Echo Park Avenue in Los Angeles until August 29th. You can see the Croatian sign outside a church in Porec(the 8th photo down) and the rest can be seen here.)Hiriing Now- Ritter’s sign and No Cardboard Dumpster. Today’s post would  have been a great addition to the show.  Took it yesterday on way home from school.

2 Dr Chevrolet Coupe, c.1947? (2 views)

Went online to try to match the car model, noticing the details like how the headlights are placed.  I took this at the red light at Howley St and Friendship Ave.  Drove around the block and got the side view, too. A real beauty.  Historic, vintage, restored cars like this one evoke childhood memories of the gray Dodge Wayfarer we had in Montclair NJ. This one the  color of whipped butter. Polished. Parked on the street, just waiting as me I drove home from Greenway School where we had training today. What a car! Scroll down for second view.

The owner must love driving this beautiful car.

What a surprise to find this historic vehicle on the way home from school. The car looks like it is smiling.

Washington Parting Shot

Mary suggested this one. The cherry with a tiny leaf still attached on it. Farewell Washington.  We live so far apart and it isn’t an easy trip to make often.  We miss David but feel fortunate to had such a loving and happy relaxed time together.  When you tell someone you are just back from Washington they ask if you made it to the exhibit at the Corcoran and then you have to explain it is Washington STATE.  Washington head silhouettes on all the road signs.  I will have to research the history of how the state got named.

Washington cherry on Mac.

Now it is computer and phone communication from WA to PA and NYC.

Polish Hill Pittsburgh- Early Evening Light

Happy 8th Anniversary, Mark and Erika. As I pulled out of the FedEx parking lot I looked up and saw the light on Immaculate Heart of Mary where you exchanged your wedding vows. Steve and I drove over the little bridge and up the hill to capture the church in light and shadow. Just remembering your happy day.  It sure was hot. love, Ma

Happy Anniversary Mark and Eirka!

Remembering Joyce Brengarth Singh,Ph.D -”Farmgirl at heart.”

Professor, Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend.  Joyce grew up on a honey bee farm in Boonville Missouri.   These jars of honey were photographed at night in Croatia and are posted as a tribute and celebration of her life. Photographed in the town on Cres on Cres Island when I visited Matthew two summers ago. Joyce and her husband Bunt (Dr. Singh as well) were loving parents to both Mark and Matthew during their high school years and beyond. Thank you.  Click here for newspaper article about Joyce’s life.  After Monday’s funeral, her husband and sons, Prem and Davinder, will accompany her to her final rest in a family plot in Missouri. Mass of Christian Burial is Monday(today) at 10AM St Bede’s.  Newspaper article is from Sunday.

Jars of honey to remember Joyce B. Singh growing up on a honey farm.

Pollinators are so important. Jars of honey to remember Joyce B Singh.

Tasha Nicole, Rat Terrier, Flies DELTA- Exclusively!

Flight from Spokane to Minneapolis- ready to be stowed under the seat in front of her to prepare for takeoff.   I met my traveling companions. Turns out Delta Airlines is Pet Friendly. Must weigh under seventeen pounds, though.   A first for me (to see a dog on a plane) seems Tasha Nicole is a seasoned flier.  Very well behaved I will add. Not a sound, she slept the whole way unlike the kids in the row across the aisle and up one!  Oh my.    And Sunday August 15th is TN’s 9th birthday, too.

I asked permission to photograph and blog and her gracious owner agreed.

I heard about a book on the radio last year, One Nation Under Dog by Michael Schaffer.   When I was growing up I remember some dogs lived outside in a doghouse.

Other airlines charge $150 each way! DELTA deemed "Pet Friendly".

Learning To Shoot Star Trails

Here is the photograph AFTER the second round of advice on how to shoot the stars.  And their trails as the earth moves.  I was able to hold down the shutter for 260 seconds @ f4 stop and 400 ISO.If you  look at the yoga studio you can see that there was very little camera shake, even though I traveled without my cable release or tripod.  Next time I will be better prepared. My photography colleague sent me an amazing link if you want to see amazing star trails. Click this link.   I am back in Pittsburgh but wanted to post one more Okanogan photograph.

Saw three shooting stars but these star trails fascinate me. Next time!!!!

All That Djazz – Great Gyspy Jazz at Twisp River Pub. WA

Gershwin, Djazz, All of Me, Black Orpheus to name a few....Sitting along the Twisp River, enjoying the 3 hours of music without a single break.

Mary, David and I enjoyed three hours of  music.   Final night in WA we drove up to Twisp River Pub.  There was a guest clarinet, Wayne Mendro.  John Weeks on the violin. Dick White on guitar arranges everything.  Mike Lundstrom on dobro and singing. Ron Clark on the bass and a guitar tonight.

Here is what I found at their website. …  “All That Djazz” is a Gypsy Jazz quartet based in North Central Washington state with a repertoire comparable to that of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, the guitarist and violinist who formed the legendary “Quintet of the Hot Club of France” in 1934.  The “Quintet of the Hot Club of France” is considered by many jazz historians to be the best jazz ensemble of all time.  Django Reinhardt was certainly the most renowned jazz guitarist of his day.  “All That Djazz” pays homage to their hero and mentor Django in the spelling of Djazz.”  quote from the website for All That Djazz (click)

The light on the right is an old beer keg.  Note the hops growing behind the band.

Before They Get to the Store

Huge nets to keep HoneyCrisp safe from birds who like to peck the sweet flesh.  Rolls and rolls of Mylar to help the organic Gala apples turn red all over. Planting. Elaborate irrigation. Grafting. Fertilization. Some sprayed with calcium. Insecticide. The organic ones sprayed with fish oil.  Thinning- to space the apples out so they get a certain size.  After the harvest,they go to the packing sheds. They are sorted. Machines with light sensors separate them by color for different grades.  The apples need to be put into trays. packed following International Rules for Sanitation. Boxed Cold storage. Shipped to the store. We buy them . Eat them. 3 images of apples.

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Young Women Practice Mexican Dance in Omak WA

Preparing for Omak's 75th Stampede Weekend Festivities. Right next to the Omak Public Library, Civic League Park.

Constellation Captured in Okanogan

constellation captured

Big Dipper Over David's House in Okanogan WA

  • Aperture: ƒ/2.8
  • Shutter Speed: 79.0s
  • Image Date: 8/9/10 2:00:00
  • no tripod, no cable release, propped on a chair with my finger holding the shutter in bulb setting, releasing as motionlessly as possible

Find the Hummingbird in David’s Garden (scroll down for close-up)

Okanogan WA vacation. Monarda didyma(Bee Balm) attracts hummingbirds.

Monarda didyma(Bee Balm) attracts hummingbirds.

National Geographic photographers do this much better but thought I would try. The hummingbirds dart around really fast.  We sat in chairs outside and David called it watching Hummingbird TV.  A great show.


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