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Elegant and Delicious: Spoon

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A classy restaurant we’ve driven by on a daily basis but never stopped to dine.

Celebrating 19 years- our unanniversary- a solid friendship and steadfast companionship, not sure where all that time has gone but there we were in East Liberty and we headed to SPOON.  

What we ate-   the service was excellent and even though we weren’t ordering up the Foie Gras or the Tasting Menu or a Magnum of Champagne, they treated us hospitably and did not make us feel out of place as we were “walk-ins” and didn’t have reservations which would be a good idea for future visits.

Breadbasket: warm cream cheese chive biscuits/baguette and warm muffins

garden vegetable baby mix green salad: Golden Harvest Farm baby mix greens, fresh garden vegetables, champagne vinaigrette

Spoon burger:  8 oz. Kobe beef, aged white cheddar cheese, parmesan + herb fries, challah bun

Too full for the desserts but they sounded wonderful.


Someone Left a Fake Fur in the Snow

White snow on white fur. Too bright, the reflected light.  But what looks like just a pile of snow is some white fake fur puddled on the sidewalk as I got out of the car to go into school Monday morning.

Close up of the white fur with snow on top.


Ray Ray’s Hog Pit – Clintonville, OH

In Laura and James’ neighborhood, I see a lot of people lined up at this food truck whenever it is open- Ray Ray’s Hog Pit in Clintonville.  I read that on Sunday they feature a special of grass fed beef brisket.  Laura and James are veg so we’ve eaten at the Whole World Natural Restaurant & Bakery across the street or at their home.  But one of these visits I am going to get in this line and see why everyone is willing to wait in the chill air, order up and eat! It must be really good.  In fact, I think one weekend I should make a tour of Columbus Food Trucks  Here is one review

Guest Bed Where I’m Sleeping – Just About Full

Anna was in her own bed as she has an early swim meet, leaving the house by 6:30 AM

A busy picture. So busy I -

transformed it to black and white due to the wild colors, stripes, patterns and conflicting light. Caught with the iPhone without a flash, just a snippet of the fun I enjoy with the grandchildren when I visit. Now the boys say they want a campout with grandma but I think it is my iPod touch they want to use to watch a cartoon.  We’re in the basement guest room. Maura(3) looks around and says,”There are no windows.” That’s true, not in this room.  Hope no one wakes up at 3 AM and is missing his or her own bed.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Reflection in a spoon was my granddaughter’s (8) idea. She went to the kitchen drawer and pulled out a soup spoon and showed me the distortion. We tried the bottom of a stainless mixing bowl, too. She was at her desk, drawing before bed and we tried the spoon one more time and she rolled her eyes. And since she was upside down I am flipping the picture so you can see. Most weeks I am pulling from the archives but this week’s challenge required a set up shot to respond.

To see fellow bloggers’ interpretations there is a list of ping backs if you scroll down

Flat Ruthie got in on the challenge this week, too.

A little creepy but fun!

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Mismatch Day and Green Eggs on a Spork

Last Year  for Dr. Seuss week I Dressed up as the Cat in the Hat with a borrowed costume. See link below. Friday it will be just the hat.

The ham was eaten but the green eggs disposed in the trash by this student



Here I am celebrating by wearing the Cat in the Hat Costume. Click to see post

Especially for Rufus

After school on Wednesday, I went down to Annex Cookery and the Tin Front Cafe.  I was in the market for a new espresso maker.   I ordered a lunch portion of their four cheese macaroni and a mixed greens salad with balsamic and asiago cheese shavings on top. And what do you know?  As I sat there, I saw the infused vodka on the glass shelf and thought of Blogger Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide. (AKA Greg)  and here is the wild part- his post today is about Pepper Infused VODKA!

 Horseradish Vodka? (they use it for Bloody Marys) Ellie explained how they make it.

I knew he would not care for the Apple Raisin Infused Rum  (he detests raisins as I’ve read his wife Katherine’s writings about that topic)  but I just thought the line of glass bottles filled with colored spirits and the labels would be of special interest to him.


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