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Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Maura and Aunt Laura (otherwise known as Lala to her nieces and nephews) working together on a game or a photo on Laura’s phone.

Dictionary.com defines together - (tuh-geth-er) adverb-

#2  proximity, closeness or collision

#3  into or in relationship, association, business or agreement

#4  to consider collectively

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General Grant’s 190th Birthday Party

We have interesting friends.   Here’s a creative celebration Steve and I went to on Saturday night.  What a fun event.  Here are a few of the details. Hardtack crackers and dried black-eyed peas.  The sheet music for Tenting Tonight on the piano. Photographs and books bearing the General’s likeness.  A willingness to celebrate and have fun.  A Prantl’s cake with five candles for his rank. I made Rice Pudding after reading that it was a favorite on the Presidents’ Food Timeline.  Thanks Tim and Bernadette for being such welcoming hosts. We had a wonderful time!

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Price Bennett- Street Musician on Liberty Ave

Price Bennett appears
Monday- Fridays Smithfield Street/Downtown
Friday and Saturday Night- Carson Street/South Side
Saturday Daytime Strip District
and he gave me his email if you wish to contact him
I watched him  lick his finger and and slide it across the head of the drum. In this article they call it  a moose call.

17 Years in the Making – There are Rules to Follow

1. No styrofoam in the center is allowed. Has to be a rubber band core.

2. You have to find the rubber band or be given a rubber band.

Rubber is heavy.  Like a medicine ball.  I was surprised by the weight of it.

This ball is so large that the newspaper rubber bands can’t fit around it.  A chef donates his escarole rubber bands.  Mr. Laszlo Zongor has taught a couple of young people how to start a rubber band ball the correct way.

I believe there are other rules but I can’t remember and he said to not misquote him!!

In Pittsburgh, rubber bands are called gum bands by many!

And yes, I looked it up and there is a guy who claims he has the real deal biggest authentic rubber band ball that he has stretched each band onto, individually.   My friend E at work has a ball she started 11 years ago! She said she had started to buy the lettuce, pre washed in a bag and wasn’t getting those nice big fat Romaine bands lately.

I wish I had asked what motivated them to start making the rubber band ball……………….and then the commitment to “growing it”.


And a P.S. from Melinda (his wife) after viewing the post

“I think the last rule you forgot was that the rubber bands cannot be lengthened by tying one to another – each band has to fit entirely around the ball on its own.  That’s the challenge at this point:  finding bands that are long enough, since most will no longer work.  ….Makes it somewhat self-limiting in size!”

Not sure who checks if one is following the rules but wanted to include it, since I forgot!


Jurassic Pittsburgh

Novelty Architecture-Bedford PA- The Coffee Pot

I imagine this scene has been captured thousands and thousands of times by passersby like myself.

And if you enjoy looking at the Coffee Pot there are plenty more structures to read about here



Dunkle’s Gulf Station-Bedford, PA

This Gulf Station has been photographed thousands of times, but I was a tourist in Bedford, PA this past weekend and I joined the throngs and snapped a picture even though there was no blue sky or inhabitants.  What I would have liked to photograph is Mr. Dunkle if he is available, have a conversation. Next trip.   If you want to see other photos of the same spot check out this site

Bedford, PA- Home of the National Museum of the American Coverlet

Laszlo Zongor explains the system of Jacquard Loom(see below) and the punched holed cards, each card a single line of weaving.



A two hour drive from Pittsburgh.  My book club had a fun and memorable getaway weekend trip.  We stayed at the Historic Bedford Resort.

Sunday, Joan and I went to see the National Museum of the American Coverlet- housed in a beautiful Historic Common School.   A coverlet is a woven bed cover, although there were some floor coverings, too.  The coverlets display changes every four months.  We learned a lot about the history of the coverlets with our knowledgeable guide explaining the differences. The last photos are of the gift shop where you can purchase reproductions of the antique designs and fabric for quilters.

 from the National Museum of the American Coverlet

The Museum and Museum Shop are open daily, year round.
Hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.
Admission is $6 ($5 for age 60 and over).  Kids under 12 are free.  Group rates available.

Laszlo Zongor explains the punch cards used in the Jacquard loom.

 If you have a coverlet, you can bring it to Melinda and Laszlo Zongor and they can help date it and identify the weaving method.

The Jacquard Loom

There are looms and spinning wheels on exhibit.

What On Earth Are We Doing?

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Earth Day 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Sunrise, St. George Island, Florida.  My friend and her daughter.

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Breakfast in Louisville, Guest Blog

It always feels good to receive communication from your grown up children.   The little ding on the iPhone and it’s a photo message from my son. It wasn’t quite like having breakfast together but I enjoyed receiving this before the start of the school day Thursday morning.

Mark was on business in Louisville and took this shot his breakfast at the Anchorage Cafe.  I read about this Farm to Table place and Mark said it is worthy of endorsement, “Mom, they make all of their own stuff from local sources.” When I asked him if I could blog his breakfast shot, he heartily agreed. “The Rwandan medium roast coffee was French pressed to perfection.” he told me.   “And the chef makes the scrambled eggs sprinkled with fresh ground pepper, topped with two strips of Benton’s Smoked Bacon. The BEST bacon in the universe.” I asked for more info on the bacon.

He said,” it tastes like smoky smoked smoke”. Hmmmm. Hickory.    I liked how he sent me the details on the food items.  And how he appreciated the chef’s efforts.

Hearing from him makes for a happy day.

The Film Crew Bathrooms – New York City

NYC residents look straight ahead, walk by,yawn.
Out-of-towners gawk and stop to take a photograph. Oh my.



We’re Talking Trash Now

Shot while walking down Fifth Avenue in NYC  with my sister when I was on Spring Break.  Waiting for pick-up.

I didn’t count them but it was definitely eye catching.  

People at Work: Body Artist

This is not your ordinary face painting!

Last week one of my student’s moms came in to create a special gift for the Communications student teacher as a farewell present on her last day of student teaching.  The timing of it fell on Friday afternoon when they were scheduled for Art class and they asked if it would be okay and I agreed it would be fun to see an artist at work. ( I think she is going to return for Career Day, too)

Michele Johnson is the owner of 7 Heirs Body Art Co/ 7 Heirs Media and was telling us about how she was doing body art  painting during the Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears concerts, drawing a crowd as concertgoers looked on at her work.  It is true, she is quick and creative and the design appears rapidly and beautifully and the addition of jewels tops it off. The students gave a nice round of applause and it took no time at all!

Have an event and need some pizazz, call Michelle 412. 586.5006 or email her –     kristal_klere(at)yahoo(dot)com

African- Caribbean- Latin American Food at the Global Food Market in Pittsburgh

We were walking around Highland Avenue after a quick supper at Brgr, headed to the Shadow Lounge for the CD Release Party starting in a bit last Saturday night.

Popped into the Global Food Market and had a tour of all the ingredients available. (Thank you, Moses.)   Going to research some recipes and try something new and completely different.

Hard to delete the photos – be sure to check out the giant yams with white inside and the pounded white yam powder.

Here is a link to explore African Cooking and Recipes

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Elvis the Penguin Paints at National Aviary for Persad Patron Party

Pittsburgh’s National Aviary was the happening scene on Friday night in the city.  Steel Band music. Desserts.

  Artist Reception and Patron Party was in full swing.

Elvis the African Penguin Makes Art to Auction Off to Benefit Persad Center

His feet were all aflutter. Perhaps he enjoys making art without an audience.

Here is the piece I donated. They invited a group of artists to create a commemorative artwork to celebrate their fortieth anniversary.   I know one should just make a donation and not tell about it but it is a good cause and perhaps some of my students might seek counseling here in the future and be helped as my good friend J always tells about a former student the organization helped  a long time ago.

 Below is the photograph I created to commemorate their 40th Anniversary.

Thanks to Steve I was able to get 40 candles lit and photograph quickly in the dark dining room at night.

Had to bake the cake first before I could photograph it and I chose the wedding cake recipe from the Cake Bible  by Rose Levy Beranbaum and used lots of gel food color by Wilton.  Buttercream icing.

UPMC presents Celebrate Life, Celebrate Art

 Monday, May 14, 2012

August Wilson Center for African American Culture
980 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
6:00 – 11:00 p.m

“Persad’s signature event is both a verbal and silent auction featuring over 200 pieces of art from local, national and international artists including photography, painting, sculpture and jewelry. Come enjoy great food, drinks and entertainment and take home some fabulous artwork.

To purchase tickets to the event or to purchase an underwriting package, click here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

Christmas 2009
Jack and Woody or rather Woody and Jack

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Einstein in the Flower Shop on the Corner

The sign in the window says, BEWARE OF DOG!   I’ve driven by this place for almost six years as I go back and forth to school everyday.  Sometimes there are balloons tied to the signboard outside. It’s on the corner at Brownsville Road-  PLANTS & FLOWERS by Lisa .

Today I pulled over to the curb, ignored the meter, got out and went inside. I was headed to Bridgeville to visit a friend. Einstein used to have two white tufts of hair that stuck out, hence his name.  The two women were really helpful to me and I asked if I might photograph him and they agreed.  I thought about the flower shop as I left and drove in traffic, finding my way to Bridgeville. I’d heard that photographing animals with a black fur coat is difficult and looking at the shots now (available light) I concur. But those eyes were really checking me out!  Einstein was friendly and wanted to communicate. Must be used to new customers off the street.

My grandmother worked in a flower shop in Lincoln, Illinois, and when I was small I would visit her there.  I remember the spools of ribbon, the sticky green tape, the wire stands and styrofoam base, that green squishy foam and of course the smell of the place but the thing that sticks with me the most was her can of spinach and a hard boiled egg she kept in the cooler for lunch.

What I Found on the Sidewalk by School

I walked on by-

nearly passed it up-

even thought it caught my eye.

It’s a rush and a hike between schools.

Time’s always short.

But after I stepped past, I turned around

got down on one knee and shot this little gift

to me- hard boiled yolk, a bit dried,

rolled in sandy crumbs,

abandoned on a sidewalk, fell from a lunch bag

or on the way to the nearby dumpster, missed.

Easter is over.

Didn’t make it to the egg salad bowl.

I drove by after school, to see if it was smashed

maybe rolled an inch, more dry, but still there

all those hours later, just not in as good a light!

New York Public Library Interior- Library Lions Patience and Fortitude in LEGO®

No conversation. No exchange.  Just a quick shot in low light to capture the architecture, the lines and curves, the grand feel of it all.

The New York Public Library.

Grainy and bit soft on the focus but all the angles and shapes and lines are subtly defined.  We went through the Shelley’s Ghost Exhibition and climbed staircases, looked down from the mezzanine into the entrance way.  Saw a photography exhibit and at the entrance way Patience and Fortitude the Library Lions in LEGO®.  What are the rules of interior photography, what are you allowed to take? There are places where it is clear- No Photography.  Tough to monitor people and their cell phone shots.  I did not photograph where it said not to.

Joe’s Dairy on Sullivan Street, New York City

Shot last week -Spring Break in NYC.  My sister walked us by and it was open.

They couldn’t be nicer.  People behind counters are captive. I ask for permission after a bit of conversation.  Sometimes you get “I’d rather not.” but here I got a “Sure!”.

Thanks, Rose.

If you want to read more about Joe’s Dairy on Sullivan Street click here.  Everyone talks about their smoked mozzarella!

(And if you want to make your own cheese go here and click on the Cheesy Stuff page)

Meet Rose Pianoforte. I know, her apron says Angela.
She was really nice and helpful. And gracious to allow me to photograph her.
Those are olives stuffed with cheese on the counter.

Two Upright Sweepers Wait for Pick Up

My family always called these vacuum cleaners but in Pennsylvania you “run the sweeper”.  These two are in Clintonville (Laura’s Neighborhood) when we walked on Saturday. The sun shone down on them as they stood at attention.

A portfolio of my work would be incomplete with the garbage studies.

Easter Weekend

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You want to shoot a photograph with some life in it!

I learned in a workshop, photography can be exasperating. And one thing I know-

Sometimes you are an observer and sometimes you are a participant.

You can’t capture the sound of  bells ringing in the sanctuary and bell tower simultaneously, a Gregorian chant, the trumpet, everyone holding a candle in the darkness and as the lights are turned up in the dark city church, late Saturday night, you long to capture the spirit, the glow .

You can’t whip out a camera and show the three out of four grandchildren racked out in the pew, or the smell of candle wax or incense or the feel of freshly blessed sprinklings.  A good place to think.  Mechanical limitations. The intrusion of the moment.

You are’t  on assignment from a newspaper, illustrating the occasion.  The grandparents have to head back home for work early Monday so we drove downtown for the Easter Vigil. It’s an early dinner at noon. Then we’ll load the cars and drive back east and south.

The thoughts of Easters growing up, the new suits, shoes and hats.  Remembering those you love and who loved you the best and have gone on before.  i said to my friend, “vacation flies by’ and she said

“just like life.”

I think of unconditional love.  Thanks Matthew.  Missed you.

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Crosswalk on Bleecker Street at Carmine Street

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