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Chocolate, Eggs, Signs of Spring

Eataly Chocolate

Eataly Display

eggs in le creuset


Woman on Cell Phone Carrying a Tulip

Box of chocolates

The Biggest Box of Chocolates I’ve Seen

IMG_6731 (1)


Godiva Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Rockefeller Center Chocolates


Plantings About to Bloom on Fifth Avenue


Unusual Flavors at Gourmet Garage

IMG_6671 (1)

Ice Cream Truck


Balloons and Toys

Puppeteer, Prometheus, Pizza and Pencils


Somewhere I read that alliteration should be avoided.

A rule somewhere.  For writing or blogging but I can’t find the source with the rule about not using it,  so here is the puppeteer on a break.

The kid on the scooter is looking at the puppeteer as if to ask what time is the next show?  Central Park.

Central Park Puppeteer

Prometheus at Rockefeller Center , Bringing Man the Gift of Fire.


 A slice of Pizza on Bleecker Street and Seventh Avenue

And my friend R alerted me – March 30th is National Pencil Day. The date the patent for the pencil with the eraser on the end was granted in the year 1858.

Thank you Hymen Lipman!

I gathered up what pencils I could find and added the new box of Cedar Pointes I had in my computer bag.  I love to write in pencil on a yellow legal pad.  I’ve never liked mechanical pencils although I know some who swear by them. On March 30th we’re to write with a pencil but that will make blogging a challenge.

Five facts about pencils excerpted from this site

  • A single wooden pencil can write 45,000 words
  • A single wooden pencil or draw a line that is 35 miles long.
  • Pencils can write under water.
    • John Steinbeck was an obsessive pencil user and is said to have used as many as 60 pencils a day. His novel East of Eden took more than 300 pencils to write.
    • Henry David Thoreau penciled Walden Pond. After all, his father was a pencil manufacturer
    • The last time I blogged about pencils was two years ago New Years when Anna sharpened every pencil in the house


Imagine, Standing with Van Gogh, St. Patrick’s Scaffolded, Mercury, Ribbons for Peace, Patience

We walked through Strawberry Fields and saw the Imagine mosaic.  A man sat on a bench playing the guitar.  We wondered why he wasn’t strumming a Beatles tune.  We walked over the to the Frick Collection and saw the Piero della Francesca in America , no photography allowed.


At the Metropolitan Museum of Art

you could stand around all day and take photos of people being photographed with Vincent Van Gogh’s self portrait.



The scaffolding on St.Patrick’s Cathedral will be in place for three to four years.



Lit a candle in St. Patrick’s.


Mercury at Rockefeller Center


Prayers for Peace. I read the sign and took the photo.  After I crossed the street I realized just how many ribbons there were on the fence surrounding the church.



We walked down Fifth Avenue from 72nd St to 10th St

Mary and I stood at Washington Square in the late afternoon sun for long shadows.

IMG_6710 (1)

NYC Locksmith and Metal Artist: Philip Mortillaro

Philip Mortillaro

Do you know how many times I have walked by this locksmith on 7th Avenue and it was always closed?  The intricate collage of keys always caught my eye.

Wednesday morning,  Mary and I were returning from the Post Office and the locksmith’s door was open.

Mr. Mortillaro was speaking with a customer. Mary walked on ahead but I signaled to her to wait.  After the customer left, I entered and although I’d photographed the facade on other occasions, I asked the proprietor if I might photograph him.  Mr. Mortillaro was totally welcoming and agreeable and here is the portrait I captured.  He told me he has been a locksmith since age 14!

The links to his website and a trailer of a video are found at the end of the post.

Keys Made Locksmith

Ket to Heaven

Although he says he is not religious, he has actually made St. Peter (a gift)  the Key to Heaven 

Complaint Department



Just like the New York Public Library-  Patience and Fortitude guard the entrance.

You can see a trailer to Mr. Mortillaro’s video Do Not Duplicate 

and visit his website to see his Metal Art

Do Not Duplicate Trailer

NYC Afternoon


Corey is filming his cousin Michael and his brother Justin is resting up for his ride.  Watched this effort for awhile.  They used to skateboard.  I talked to them and asked if I could put them on the blog.

Thomas Paine Park

And now it is Justin’s turn

Justin Jumps over the Stairs

Pizza  Man and Religious Statues

E Rossi Co doesn’t have any pictures of the new pope yet,  but are expecting delivery soon.

E Rossi Co Mosaic



Seems everyone is on some sort of device.


The hair color (above)  matches the shoes on the man below!


And a Fiat 500 but not sure what year?  Anyone??


Bleecker Street  West Village

Bleecker Street Women

On a cell phone while making a delivery.

Cell phone on bicycle

Good thing it isn’t the Sunday Times

Dog carries newspaper

Jane’s Carousel Sunday Afternoon

We took the subway to Brooklyn and walked to Jane’s Carousel. Click the name to read all about how it was  lovingly restored by artist Jane Walentas

This is the lead horse.  (I asked.)  I’d shown the students a photo of the carousel during Hurricane Sandy and because of the flooding, a stereo is providing the music until the original can be repaired. There was a birthday party happening while we were there. I talked to a Grandpa on the bench next to us after we rode.  He said he would love to own a carousel.

Lead Horse Jane's Carousel

tickets for the carousel

Mary and I rode the Carousel, she took a horse that went up and down and I chose one that was stationary so I could snap some photos.


Mary's Horse on Carousel

The horse that Mary rode.


View of man flying a kite under the Brooklyn Bridge, photographed from the Carousel.

And then something fun happened.  Mary and I were eating at a picnic table, hot cross buns and bananas.  A photographer was sneaking a photo of us with a periscope lens.  Ha!  Turns out it was a Photographer and Model Collaborative Meetup Event happening right by the Carousel at one in the afternoon.

Here is a photo of some of the photographers who gathered to shoot the models.

Photographers Meet Up

I see a couple of photographers hiding behind their cameras.   Rather take the shot than be in it, maybe?

Meet Marlena from Poland.  A model.

Marlena from Poland

And check out Marlena’s shoes

high heeled shoes


The photographer who is smiling, sporting the red pants, is the one who took a nice photo of my sister and me under the Brooklyn Bridge  when I asked if he would mind.   That was before we knew there was a meet-up of photographers! Thanks for photographing us together.

Thought it would be fun to be in the shot with my sister.

Ruth and Mary

New Jersey Photographer

We met this New Jersey photographer as we waited in line for the rest room.


This couple is photographing themselves.  No photographer needed.

And then Mary and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan.


Here is Jane’s Carousel view from the Brooklyn Bridge towards the Manhattan Bridge.

First time I’d heard of Dumbo, Brooklyn (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass- Acronym)

Manhattan Bridge and Jane's Carousel

Peeking out at the traffic below.  YIKES!IMG_5702

New York City Sweet Tooth

French Tourists

French Tourists Outside The Magnolia Bakery


I really wanted to photograph the line outside the bakery.   When we went there on Saturday evening there were customers but no line.

My sister loves me a lot. She walked with me up Bleecker Street after our outing to Brooklyn.

I was able to photograph the line.


Tourists from Japan on Sunday Afternoon – they found the reference in a guide book

Line at Magnolia Bakery

Here is the line at the Magnolia Bakery.  Often photographed and talked about.   My sister found a site online with 282 photographs of Magnolia Bakery products. Guess I was a little late with my desire to take this photo.  But I did it anyway.

Earlier in the day we walked through Chinatown on Mott Street






Mary and I ate these delicious Hot Cross Buns from Rocco’s Pasticceria after we rode Jane’s Carousel  (part of tomorrow’s post)





Rabbits at Bruno Bakery



Anna Banana Cupcake

Cupcakes in the Angelique Cafe Food Cart

Doo Wop Group Select Blendz

Select Blendz-  Doo Wop Group in front of Amy’s Bread on Bleecker St.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

This week’s challenge is just that- a challenge. How could I capture the future in a photograph NOW?

I’m going with this portion of the challenge…..Anything that involves the present and a hint of the future all in one frame.” 

Freedom Tower,  New York City.  Under construction. 1 World Trade Center.   We walked farther downtown and the gusts of wind went up to 35 mph according to the weather.  Sunshine and chill.

Daytime view and nighttime view of Freedom Tower.

And when I looked at the shot I took from my sister’s apartment window, I saw a stream of light come down from the clouds.

















Freedom Tower





Freedom Tower from the Village




Freedom Tower Night View






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A Lemon Tart by Jean-Marc in Millvale

A quick shot from the phone archive


Thinking Spring. Seriously!

Even though the weather is NOT cooperating, we won’t speak of w#&*#r, cause it is SPRING!!!  (Dear Groundhog Phil, You were wrong wrong wrong)

March 20 was Mr. Rogers’ 85 anniversary of his birth and Pittsburghers were sporting sweaters to remember him.  And sweaters were just what everyone needed in the city-  Yesterday AND today!   Not sure about the sneakers. 

When I looked out and saw snow coming down I was glad I’d baked apples in the oven to warm the kitchen.

After supper the family called on Face Time and I got to participate in Jack’s birthday and the other grandma (and Pap) were on another iPad FaceTime so we saw each other watch the birthday boy open his gifts.  It got pretty wild when Matty called in on SKYPE from Croatia onto his brothers device  He joined in the fun and we all watched as Jack opened up the No Stress Chess his Uncle Matthew had sent to him.  It was a deviceful family event this evening as Jack turned 6 today.

Helps to have all these communication possibilities available when you live out of town.

The wooden rabbits are from Germany when we lived there.  I took them to school and some of the students arranged them to take pictures, make a card.  And I saw them set up on a wooden stool at the front of the classroom and I took a quick photo myself as they were looking at me as I got ready to go home.

You can see the pull down screen behind them.  They look Spring-like to me!!!  (Just don’t look out the window.)


Wooden Rabbits

Now YOU are Six, Jack!

Now We Are Six

When I was One,
I had just begun.
When I was Two,
I was nearly new.
When I was Three
I was hardly me.
When I was Four,
I was not much more.
When I was Five,
I was just alive.
But now I am Six,
I’m as clever as clever,
So I think I’ll be Six now                                                                                                                                                                                

for ever and ever.

-A.A. Milne


John Patrick McGrath

Happy Birthday John Patrick (Jack). Here is a poem for you on your special day.


Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere- 7:02 AM


We are eager for it to begin.  In earnest.

Monday there was a two hour delay due to ice, snow and sleet. It was unexpected and I heard it on the radio as I was already driving to school.

Can we trust the groundhog?  Phil said it would be an early Spring.  Well Phil,  it’s Spring tomorrow on the clock and calendar but it feels like WINTER today. Chilly and gray.  We are ready for blossoms, muddy earth, warm breezes.   Saturday I saw my first robin in the back on the porch post.

Now I know, no one reads the blog for the weather report but the change of seasons is significant.  We just want to be reassured that a true Spring is coming and will warm us up.  SOON.  (Florida readers- I saw those photographs of you in short sleeved shirts!!)

Before school I stopped in at the Giant Eagle and bought this bouquet.   I took the daffodils to school for the students to photograph.  They were buds in the morning and by the afternoon they had opened.

You can see the set up with the background of folded white paper to eliminate clutter.  When I was ready to go home and the lights were off, this is what I saw.


IMG_5257 IMG_5251





Just received from a Florida friend who is visiting friends in Boston-First Day of Spring.Thanks Kristin

Just received from a Florida friend who is visiting friends in Boston-First Day of Spring.
Thanks Kristin


A reblog- in honor of St. Joseph Day. I hear this statue of St Joseph is still in the parking lot, waiting for a new home. My father, son and grandson all share Joseph as a middle name.

Originally posted on Ruth E Hendricks Photography:

Today my friend J(of Pittsburgh, not Omaha) and I went to the Tin Front Cafe for lunch.  We heard about the St. Joseph the Worker statue having been removed from the nearby church.  Judith Tener told us where to find him in a parking lot and so after lunch we wound around one- way streets and asked a few people for directions but eventually we climbed up hills and back and found this beautiful statue waiting for us. He was striking.  There were the huge stone barrels pouring molten steel out onto the world.  Flames carved in stone.  See detail below on image three.

A big crane erected this statue (which was blessed in Italy by Pope VI) on St. Michael the Archangel Church in 1966 in Homestead.  Many Slovaks helped build this church.

When the church closed, the diocese took the statue down in 2010.

People missed looking at…

View original 215 more words

Found Shopping List

Sunday afternoon I drove across the Monongahela River to the Waterfront at Homestead, PA and did a little grocery shopping.

When I wheeled my cart to load the car, I saw this little list on the pavement of the parking lot.

I used to photograph found lists, little wrinkled slips of paper, write poems about them. Some lists abandoned in a cart-  seemed like poems when I found them.

I’d think about the people who wrote them. Sometimes they’d written the oddest mix of items.

I have a friend who keeps a magnetized shopping list pad on her fridge and when she uses something up, she writes it down immediately so she can replenish the larder.  I’m not that disciplined.  I’ve written a list and then left it at home but it can help when trying to remember what I’d written down.

There are even tablets of preprinted lists and you just check the boxes of what you need to get at the store. That’s not my style of list, either.  When I entertain I’m more likely to write a menu AND a shopping list.  Cross things off as I put them in the cart.

What is your “list style”?

What's Cooking Tonight?

What’s Cooking Tonight?

Ky Started Yo-Yoing at Age Eleven

I stopped into the old fashioned/classic toy store in the neighborhood of Shadyside on Ivy Street. The cool toy store is around the corner from where we lived when we first moved to Pittsburgh.  This is the same store my three kids would browse in for the longest time on the way home from school in 1989-1991.

Two floors of toy store!    Filled with LEGO®  and Playmobil®, knights, puppets, trucks and trains, dolls and puzzles. Everything you can wish for as a child.  You might see some items you yearned for as a kid but never received.

I was buying a gift for a friend.

And while I was there, the young man came from behind the counter and started yo-yoing. I mean yo-yoing extraordinaire!  His name is Ky.

There was nothing else but to stop my shopping and watch in amazement.  All I had with me was the phone camera.  With a phone memory too full, I had to delete pics to take a few shots. (too much phoneography for challenges?)

Wowee Wow. I don’t know how to describe it -but I was mesmerized.  And then he put down the yo-yo and picked up a kendama.  Yes, we have an old wooden one but I never knew what it was called. Or that it was of Japanese origin. He was smooth and skillful at both the yo-yo and kendama!

If you want to learn how to yo-yo like Ky you can head on over to Shadyside on Sunday at noon and practice how to put your yo-yo into a “sleep” so you can attempt the tricks like Ky was demonstrating.  Learn “looping”.   Ky will be there teaching in  the Yo-Yo/Skill Toy Club at S.W. Randall’s.  I think I need to return with a video camera and you can understand how you had to keep your eye on Ky and the yo-yo or Ky and the kendama.  Do you have any yo-yo tricks?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

Lunchtime lately has been from the students’ cooking at the Carrick Cafe.  You’ll see a couple of orders in takeout boxes and containers below. I thought this week’s challenge a fun one to create.

WordPress is hoping for some “offbeat interpretations, mouthwatering photos”.  The photos are supposed to be taken with a phone.  I got that about half right. Once I started searching I had to just stop as there were too too many images of meals consumed at lunchtime!

I think of lunchtime as a short time, dictated by bells.  Here is a lunchtime medley from the archives.  Some shots I probably would not have blogged before.

And from the online etymology dictionary 

lunch (n.) “mid-day repast,” 1786, shortened form of luncheon (q.v.). The verb meaning “to take to lunch” (said to be from the noun) also is attested from 1786:

But as late as 1817 the only definition of lunch in Webster’s is “a large piece of food.” OED says in 1820s the word “was regarded either as a vulgarism, or as a fashionable affectation.” Related: Lunched; lunching. Lunch money is attested from 1868; lunch-time (n.) is from 1821; lunch hour is from 1840. Slang phrase out to lunch “insane, stupid, clueless” first recorded 1955, on notion of being “not there.” Old English had nonmete “afternoon meal,” literally “noon-mea


At the Deli Counter



The Deli Counter at La Groceria Italiana (shot on Friday March the 15th with an iPhone)





Dog at lunch

Fish Tacos


Fish Tacos with a fresh lime




State Fair Food Booth

Ohio State Fair Food Booth


Peanut Butter and Jelly

Star Shaped Peanut Butter and Jelly onWhole Wheat   Columbus Ohio

Food Truck

Food Truck Festival Columbus

Salad Bread

Steak Salad at Silky’s in Sharpsburg PA


Another shot at the Food Truck Festival

Kosher Dill Pickle

Extra Pickles


Ahhh, Onion Rings


New York City Hot Dog Carts


Blackened Catfish, Rice and Beans and Cornbread Lunch from the Carrick Cafe


Maura has a lunchtime picnic at Grandma’s House

Museum of Modern Art Lunch

Lunch at the Museum of Modern Art  New York City


Hmmmmm What’s for lunch?  says Mar

Soup and Sandwich in Stamford , Connecticut

Soup and Sandwich

A Slice of Pizza

pizza slice


Thelma’s for lunch in Roanoke Virginia

Line at the Potato Patch

Lined up for Fries at the Potato Patch, Kennywood

Primanti's Sandwich

Lunchtime on Fellow Bloggers Blogs

I think Francine in Retirement  had a wonderful offbeat interpretation of the zoo animals enjoying their various lunches!  (click here)

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Figments of a Dutchess  or check out Falafel in Switzerland

Patricia pretty salad lunches while playing WWF

and a few more

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Another Cupcake Heard From

No falling sprinkles today but one good cupcake leads to another.  My sister said cupcakes aren’t her favorite as the frosting is disproportionate to the amount of cake involved but many people are crazy for cupcakes.  I have seen a line around the corner on Bleecker Street at the Magnolia Bakery, many times.

A couple of weeks ago on a Monday, I went to a friend’s house and these chocolate cupcakes were the dessert.  Here is the recipe for Chocolate Heaven with Chocolate Buttercream.

I’m on a team for the Biggest Loser at work and we weigh in every Monday morning.  Good thing I had the rest of the week to try to make up for the indulgence.

I looked through the cookbook where J got the recipe from and everything sounded enticing.  Old fashioned baking with plenty of real ingredients. From Savannah Georgia, the  Back in the Day Bakery  is the name of the cookbook.  J had heard the owners, Cheryl and Griffith Day,  featured on the radio show Splendid Table.    Their specialty?  Vintage Desserts!

Chocolate Cupcake

Miniature Sprinkles Cupcake and Clementine Scene

Once again inspired by Christopher Boffoli and his tiny food worlds.

I had taken the cupcakes and fruit into school on the student teacher’s last day.  The little HO train people were in my desk.

I thought “food scape”  and some students photographed the little people shoveling in the icing.  But I thought it might look like a food museum and there were falling sprinkles to be mindful of so

the little hand-painted mom picked up her baby out of the stroller and held it close.   Maybe she is waiting for transportation.

Miniature Cupcake and sprinkles

Night on Bryant Street- Italian(2), Belgium, Japanese, Thai, a PayPhone, the Laundromat, a Market and a Bus

Monday night when we drove  through the neighborhood in the rain, none of the restaurants were open except for Smiling Banana Leaf. (Thai).

Joseph Tambellini’s is the first exterior I photographed and you should taste the delicious meatballs.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Neighborhood

Phoneography special. The weekly photo challenge I have been talking about it for days.  Unable to do it for a variety of reasons. Out of town.  Too dark.  Many people shoot with their phones.  All day, everyday.  Don’t think much of it, the photos sit and take up space. They have them in the phone and that’s about it.

This is just a snippet.

Tonight Steve drove us over to Shadyside for 1/2 price burger night at Shady Grove.   I’ve added some shots around town I already had in the phone. This is not an attractive time of year to showcase where I live.  If you want to see Pittsburgh at it’s best you can check out Francine in Retirement  of Frizz in Germany.  I take photos of Pittsburgh frequently.  This is a collection of the everyday.  The Historical Marker is where musician Billy Eckstine lived in my neighborhood.

The snowy park is the neighborhood I live in Highland Park.  There are 80 neighborhoods in our city.  The edges of neighborhoods are where I drive through everyday to school and across the bridge, over the Monongahela.  I’ve thrown in a few you’ve seen before just to round out the gallery.

Last Wednesday’s view of the Highland Park Entrance.  The second one is what my driveway looked like!  It’s all gone now.

IMG_4627 (1) IMG_4574 IMG_6867 IMG_6865 IMG_6864 IMG_6863 IMG_6862 IMG_6859 IMG_6857 IMG_6855 IMG_6854 IMG_6853 IMG_6852 IMG_6851 IMG_6850 IMG_6849

Music and Chocolate Cake in Zagreb, Croatia

So I got home from my weekend in Ohio, Sunday night with no chance to photograph the neighborhood for the weekly photo challenge as it was dark outside.  Changing the clocks didn’t help me with enough light by the time I pulled in the driveway

-but in my inbox I found a message  from my son Matthew who lives in Zagreb, Croatia (9 years already!)

The  subject of his email:  Guest blog :-)                  The dilemma of what to post?                    SOLVED!


Dear Ma, 
Yesterday I spent the evening with the Kaplowitz family.  My dear friend Joe Kaplowitz is pretty much the only American I know over here and he invited me over for an American-style chocolate cake.  Not only is he a brilliant jazz musician but he is quite an accomplished baker to boot!  His beautiful wife Lela is a marvelous singer and they recently came out with a big-band album of original compositions called With Every Breath that you can hear (and buy!) here
After enjoying a generously-sized hunk of cake chased by a glass of milk, Joe, Lela, their daughter Lucija and I played a cut-throat game of Name That Tune. Lucija is also a budding musician, so as you might imagine the competition was pretty stiff.  Then we headed to the parlor for a concert.  Joe and Lucija, who plays the violin, teamed up for a set of traditional Croatian melodies played over some soulful blues piano.  
Perhaps I was witnessing the concept for the next album being born.
Joe’s cake was so tasty that I plan to go back over tomorrow for another sliver.  
In keeping with the spirit of the blog, will get the recipe tomorrow and send it to you!
Love, Matthew
p.s. Here is the recipe, just in from Zagreb this morning    

only got 3 stars but i thought it was fabulous!

Kaplowitz Family


St. Michael in a Sunny Window

The Weekly Challenge is My Neighborhood.  But I am not in my neighborhood today.

The only available photo of my neighborhood is a snow filled park with the benches piled high with snow.  I figure I’ll wait until I get back home.

I saw the sun streaming into the window over the door and the backlit St. Michael the Archangel statue along with the deep blue sky and fluffy clouds. (more…)

Raspberries and Blueberries on Vanilla Häagen-Dazs

Accompanied by ginger snaps!

This is the dessert my friend V served at a lovely home cooked dinner last Saturday.  It was delicious.  A generous helping, too.

A nice finish to a simply perfect meal. Walleye caught by Cousins Jeff and Jeffrey, a baked sweet potato and salad with whisked lemon juice and olive oil dressing.  Found this in my phone tonight and was thinking about how everything was so good.  She said she was following the same idea my mother used to profess-  Buy the best food you can and do as little to it as possible.  Good advice.

The Pamela’s Ginger Mini Snapz are gluten free and quite tasty.    Hope you have a good day Saturday.  HBTY!

Bowl of Ice Cream and Fruit

The Whole Family is Getting in on this Guest Blog Thing

The number of Jelly Beans in the Jar is 528 so Gloria came in as the winner tonight as she guessed 500 and didn’t go over the total amount.  

Thanks everyone for looking and guessing. 


This is a team effort.  Blogging through a four year olds eyes. Could that be a stylus at the foot of the mat on the left?photo-19

I’m on the left and Maura asleep on my iPad  on the right.  You can see the computer hinged lid. Maybe an iPad, too.

(corrected by Maura, what is really happening in the picture she drew)

Here’s a photo I received from my DIL on Thursday.   My youngest granddaughter Maura (4) drew a picture.  There is another version where we have ears, and I mean EARS!!!   Maybe I’l lost that one, too.

When I visit in Ohio, I sleep on a  mat in Maura’s room. She gets her Hello Kitty Sleeping bag and camps out, too.

So she drew herself sleeping  on the right, while old Grandma(me) is next to her on the left,  BLOGGING on the computer!  She always says, “you can do the blog in my room.”

It is cool that everyone wants to contribute to the effort.  Thanks supportive Family!!


Ma/Grandma Ruthie


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