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Just Married – Shawn and Celeste- Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium Reception

A beautiful day for a beautiful wedding.

Celeste and ShawnSitting in the garden at Saint Sebastian Church.  Just married

Here is the wedding party with the lion.

Bridal Party with Lion 2

The Bridesmatrons are Cousin Katie, Sister Vicky, Friend Laura, Bride Celeste. Groom Shawn, Best Man Jason, Groomsman David, Groomsman Jason.  Lion top right, name unknown.



Bridal Party with ElephantsAt the elephants.

Then the baby elephant ran out and nuzzled the mother elephant.



looking at the elephants


Celeste and Shawn zoo

Another bench. This time at the zoo.


Celeste and Shawn at Fish TankOnto the aquarium



cakecake tasting

Just a smidgen, a sweet taste.

Celeste and Shawn first dance

Celeste and Shawn first dance in reflection



Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium


















Jessica and Matthew Got Married at The National Aviary in Pittsburgh

Saturday July 19, 2014

The whole day was filled with love, love, love. There was mist, then drizzle, but no downpour.  A little thunder and at the end of the evening we heard the Pittsburgh Pirates fireworks, boom boom boom.

Jessica and Matthew worked hard on every detail but the weather was out of their control.

Everyone was a good sport and carried umbrellas, one maid of honor wore her boots!   I covered the camera with plastic grocery bags. And then it stopped.

It was long awaited for and very happy day.

You can see the mutual admiration, love and affection for one another in these photographs.  The wedding and reception were held at The National Aviary on the North Side of Pittsburgh

Congratulations and all the best to Jessica and Matthew. It was a lovely wedding to capture.

Enjoy your European honeymoon adventure.

bride in carJessica gets out of the car.  She and used to teach at the same school. She is an Art Teacher in the city.

women at Inn (1)Everyone was at the Inn at the Mexican War Streets on the North Side.

the menin the music room

In front of the mantle in the Music Room

the groomMatthew the Groom in the Music Room

Jessica and her dadHere comes the bride with her father.

first kissFirst Kiss

just married

Just Married!

Jess and Matt at the Aviary

With Disco Pete the Penguin after the ceremony

couple on bridge

Jess and Matt on Bridge Party (1)

Wedding Party on the bridge in the park on the North Side

the womenCoaxing the flower girl to join the women for a photograph

wedding party umbrellas

Matt holds Jess; train

Matthew holds Jessica’s dress

kiss on bridge

A kiss under the veil

MAtt and Jessica Umbrella

A little rain doesn’t matter

James Bond

James Bond and his Bride

couple dance

First Dance

MAtt and Jessica dance

First Dance

sweetheart table

The Sweetheart Table

sisters' toast

The sisters’ toast

cake and cupcakes

Oakmont Bakery made the cake and cupcakes

a sweet kiss with frosting

A sweet kiss after the cake cutting with a taste of frosting!

Bouquet Toss

Throwing the bouquet

garter toss

The garter toss

back detailThe back detail of her gorgeous wedding gown



(and the embroidery hoop filled with lace, dangling from the ceiling of the tent- remember the bride is an art teacher)

macaron favorsMacaron Favors by Jean-Marc Chatellier French Bakery in Millvale

Best man and wife

and the Best Man Ty and His wife Jean, parents of darling flower girl, too (hope it is spelled correctly) help out at the end of the night

John and Eugenia’s Wedding at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church

Eugenia and John ceremony2Shot from the choir loft     Eugenia and John crownsI was invited down to photograph the couple from the front, wearing the crowns     Eugenia and John altarThree times around the altar         Eugenia and John ceremony Jaxon checking out the rose petals       Eugenia and FatherA little out of order, Eugenia and her father come down the rose strewn aisle       Eugenia Bridal portrait. Eugenia and I taught together at Arlington.






wedding party Eugenia and John entrance Eugenia and John make an entrance       Eugenia and John outside A very happy day.

Serious Unicycles for the Split-Second Story

Thought this a good story for the Split-Second Weekly Photo Challenge although I am in a gray area as it is to be a single frame telling a story.
Uh-oh. If the creator (Shane Francescut, Toronto Street Photographer and Blogger) of the challenge is grading the entries, mine will not meet the objective.

But how often are you in the company of unicyclists?

I was down at PNC Park photographing the prom goers and two nice guys drove by on unicycles. They cycled past me,  and as I was photographing them from behind, the guy in the yellow shirt gave the thumbs up and looked back at me and unintentionally gave me what looked to be an “uncomfortable shot” when he lost his balance momentarily.


They stopped and talked with me for a bit and I asked them stupid questions about their wheels.  Steve and Daniel.  Thank you! And I bet I am not the first person to ask them goofy questions-

These were SERIOUS unicycles. Unicyclists are well balanced they said.   I asked if I could blog them and they agreed. unicycles Steve on the left. Daniel on the right   Prom 2014 314 Ouch   Prom 2014 315 Prom 2014 316 Thumbs up sign, all is well.     Prom 2014 317Getting back on the unicycle.  Check out that tread.   unicycle   I was just wondering how different people get involved in different activities.  I am sure I would not even be able to get on one and make it go.


As the wedding reception winds down






Matching Satin Bows

From the wedding archives- a little more than 3 years ago.  Chair sash and flower girl.

The matching satin bows caught my eye.

matching bows

In Ladder Tower #3- Just Married in Somerset, Pennsylvania


The first day of fall was a beautiful wedding day for Prudence and Jordan in Somerset PA.

Sunshine then intermittent showers but then some wonderful sunlight breaking through the clouds, too.  Overcast skies make for no squinting during outdoor picture taking!

The sun and light matched the gorgeous bouquets of sunflowers.

Jordan is a Volunteer Firefighter and a Somerset Police Officer and his colleagues provided escort service for the couple to the reception, honking the horn as they made the short trip to the Somerset Country Club from West Church Street.  It was a wild ride.  Prudence was a lovely bride.

They were a great couple to photograph as was the rest of the bridal party and they graciously  permitted me to post a few wedding photos from Saturday afternoon on the blog today.

I got to sit up front in Ladder Tower #3 and filmed a short video to share with grandsons Michael and Jack when I visit.  I had crawled into a firetruck once at an open house in Ohio but never got the thrill of riding in a giant Ladder Tower truck. It was exciting, fun and memorable.  All the best to Prudence and Jordan!











Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth


We were in Kiddie Land at Kennywood Amusement Park in West Mifflin, PA.   There were several rides my granddaughter Anna couldn’t ride with her brothers and sisters because she’s grown too tall.

She squeaked by into this one.

Here are fellow bloggers posts for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Godmother and Goddaughter- (Lala in her Cheesecake Factory days with the tie)

More than close being “near- meaning very little space between”  I was choosing based on close “as in relationship and feeling.”

Brothers toasting before a wedding.

And 100 fellow bloggers define close in photography in a variety of ways.  Check some out!

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Six Months After the Wedding

I couldn’t be the mother-of-the-bride AND the wedding photographer last November and their photographer did a fine job but I wanted to photograph the bride and groom myself.

Laura and James agreed to let me shoot some “wedding” pictures on another occasion. Not exactly a Trash the Dress shoot. James knew some good spots to go to in the city.  When he asked me I said I wanted the mood to be urban sophisticated.

Turns out it is almost 6 months later.  It was not stressful or pressured and we had a relaxing time together.  Even returned to the field as the sun started to set to get a different light, something not possible on a wedding day when everyone at the reception is waiting for the bridal party.

Costco white roses for 16.99 with some white floral tape and ribbon and a floral pin from JoAnn’s another ten dollars but the flowers added to the shoot. I had a boutonnière for James and promptly cut the flower head right off as I tried to pin it into his lapel.  So much for props..

People called Congratulations and honked their horns, cheered them on and told them they looked nice. Laura said if you want to feel good about yourself, put on a wedding gown and walk down the city street.   I asked them what was the best part about being married.  And I asked them what is the worst part of being married.  Their answers were forthright, frank and touched my heart.

Afterwards we ate at Giorgio’s in Clintonville.  They changed before we went.

Laura said, “I like a little direction” so I said Jump on three. One, two, THREE.

I had to ask what the name of the river is. Scioto.

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