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What I Saw on my Son’s Bookshelf in his Office

First Communion Weekend in my son Mark’s home office I saw his old Baby Jake from 1976.

I believed little boys should have a doll to love and care for when they were growing up. Preparing for fatherhood.

Now he has his own family of four, but it touched me when I saw his old doll Jake on the bookshelf. Jake has a soft body that has been recovered and filled with fluff, his rubbery arms surgically reattached by me.

You might have seen Mark’s 38th birthday post from Monday.


There is something about a toy or a doll with a face.

One that’s been well loved.

If you want to see a doll well loved, his wife Erika’s childhood doll (now named Baby Doll) adopted by their daughter Anna-  really illustrates LOVE! (click the blue link)




old rubber doll from 1976 with home sewn clothes I made for him

old rubber doll from 1976 with home sewn clothes I made for him

Camera Flash Must Have Awakened This Doll



Last week when I was in Columbus visiting the family, I noticed my youngest granddaughter Maura’s  baby dolls all lined up on the ottoman in the family room.

There wasn’t much available light and the auto flash went off on the iPhone as I shot the picture.

It wasn’t until I looked on the screen, that I noticed the middle doll’s expression on her face!  I ‘d just been trying to capture the tidy line-up of little doll bodies. 

Sisters Separated at Production in the Doll Factory

or What Love Looks Like-

It’s been almost two years since I posted Baby Doll (the loved doll) and her “sister” who was bought as a replacement but never really played with or looked at as far as I know.

Baby Doll (b. 1979) belonged to Erika when she was little and now Anna has loved her for 8 more years.  I just stitched her arms up as they were coming off.  And since I’m visiting the family and not driving around the city today I am showing the effects of two more years of loving.  Maybe someone who reads this post will send a photo of the same doll in a similar condition.


One thing I know is they are most cooperative when I set them up to pose for the shooting!









In the Baby Doll Aisle

What were we thinking?  We got out of the giant toy store with the item we had on our list but had to add this plastic doll to the cart while we shopped.  No real expression of desire until the baby doll aisle—  WHOA!   Maura became totally animated,pointing, babbling turned to squealing . Loudly.  Her mom  said we weren’t buying it, so we parked the doll at the front when we checked out.  It really didn’t have a nice face!  Maura (20 months) didn’t care what it looked like- she wanted them ALL! When she got into the van and was reunited with her doll from home, she was happy.  I bought two bottles to feed her doll, the kind you tip and the liquid disappears.

Michael helps his sister Maura at the giant toy store

I Want THAT one!

Their Eyes Looked at Me as I Walked By- I Had to Photograph Them

There they were, lying on the counter in the front hall of the school.  Cleaned out of someone’s classroom, but it so difficult to pitch something with a face, looking at you.  Each of these has stories to tell I know.  Reminded me of Erika and Anna’s beloved BabyDoll (to see 30 year old Babydollclick for 10/21/09 post)

Four old school dolls, discarded from someone's classroom. Staring at me.

If only they could talk.

What 30 years of being played with, slept with, and loved the best looks like on a favorite doll!

Another view from yesterday’s story- Baby Doll’s sister in her box since 1979.  Anna(6) set up the dolls for me to photograph and added the birthday card.

Best Loved Baby Doll on the Right, Factory Twin on Left b. 1979

Best Loved Baby Doll on the Right, Factory Twin on Left b. 1979

Baby Doll born c.1979 & her sister, trapped in someone’s closet all these years

You can see which is which.  Baby Doll belonged to Erika(b. 1975) and is well loved by daughter Anna(b.2003).  The same doll came up on Ebay and arrived in Ohio for Anna’s 6th bday.  Smells a bit musty, like a basement or forgotten closet.  Sister Dolls separated at birth in the Fisher-Price Factory.  Now living together after a thirty year separation.

Baby Doll on the right and her twin sister, both 30 years old.

Baby Doll on the right and her twin sister, both 30 years old.


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