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But What’s a Hoogie?

Submarine sandwiches are called lots of things – depending on where you live.

A grinder, a hoagie, a sub, a hero, a blimpie- to name a few.

Last Sunday afternoon,  I filled up the tank in Clintonville, Ohio  before heading to Pittsburgh and saw this sign.

A new name or a typo? Well,no typewriter was involved but a misspelling? or intentional naming of a new type of sandwich.

Shot from inside the car through the windshield. With the iPhone.

My DIL said, why didn’t you go in and ask them. Never occurred to me.

Hoogie Sign

Car and Train

Oh, I’ve seen car and I’ve seen train…….

Columbus, Ohio- Saturday afternoon.  Shot from the second floor of the parking garage on our way to the car show.d

A sliver of a city scene. A bit of sunlight.  Shapes and lines.  A car driving down the middle of the road.

I went and looked at all my blog posts tagged transportation  and I ‘ve shot a lot of cars, trains, buses, motorcycles, taxis and trucks.

Transpsortation in ColumbusPick a lane.  Is this car over the double line or what? Maybe they are looking at the train and not noticing or they are planning to pass the cars lined up, waiting to get into the garage.

Street Parking Placeholder


Street Parking Space Savers- revisiting Snowmageddon 2010. Many people are experiencing more snow right now. So is it a Pittsburgh thing? You see all kinds of chairs reserving parking spaces all around the city after someone has shoveled out their space, planning to return to it, later.
I’ve seen a port-a-crib to reserve a parking space!

Originally posted on Ruth E Hendricks Photography:

People shovel their car out, drive to the store.  Need to park when they return.  Captain, folding, white plastic lawn, kitchen, or dinette chair holds the spot.

Wooden chair at dusk holding the shoveled out spot

View original

What It Looked Like Four Years Ago Today

 February 2010-

There was a huge snowstorm and the whole city was covered with snow… for at least a month.  I was supposed to fly to Florida for friend Kristin’s big birthday and take photographs of the event.  Greater Pittsburgh Airport was shut down, no flights in or out. I  never made it to Florida for the weekend.  :-(.  (Happy Birthday again, Kristin!)

For those of you who’ve been following the blog since 2010, it’s a repeat.

You know how I like to take a color photograph that looks like a black and white. This is unretouched.

The big snow was the impetus for my beginning a photo of the day, and I’ve just kept at it since then.

p.s.  concerning yesterday’s post of French Pastries here are the details on the “dark chocolate something“-   heard from Lisanne at La Gourmandine Bakery and she said”The chocolate cake is called “Royal” and made of dark chocolate mousse with a layer of crispy praline and sponge cake”



Snow 2010

Ohio Sky on the Passenger Side

Spring weather and sixty one degrees.

Winter weather and 30 degrees.  The wind kicked up

A significant drop.

We were headed out to see the Nutcracker Sunday afternoon.  The car window offered this view.

Reflection in a Passenger Window

Same Scene- Two Views

What I saw when I got to my car after school-
Photographed in the school parking lot.

All I did was change the angle of my phone camera within a few seconds of the first shot.


And the second shot
How it looked without the sun coming under the car-the reality

Two photos are un-retouched


Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Apparent horizon or visible horizon.  The line where the earth meets sky.

We’ve got plenty of buildings and trees that block the clean line around here.

First up – Coney Island Horizon

Coney Island Horizon




Another clean line separating earth and sky in Cumberland Ohio at The Wilds

Wilds Horizon


Charleston West Virginia Horizon

WV Horizon




Hardy VA HorizonHardy Virginia Horizon




Rainy Thursday 2 CityPittsburgh Rainy Thursday Afternoon



VA Horizon (1)On the road to Virginia Horizon



New York City Horizon

NYC Horizon




Pittsburgh Horizon

And a vertical taken in traffic at the red light Pittsburgh PA


Okay, that’s a pretty good sampling of horizons.

Starting to get too many choices to put up.  I’m stopping now and going to bed.  I thought about going into an external hard drive and finding British Columbia or Okanogan WA but it’s late.





1949 Chevrolet Ambulance and Our Brother’s Birthday

My sister Mary sent me these photos she took on her phone in NYC.

She texted the year- 1949. a very good year!

A Chevrolet Ambulance.  Looked up definition for the word Chevrolet and found Louis Chevrolet “a Swiss Born American Race Car Driver of French Descent”

I’ve been saving the photos to post for our brother David’s birthday today, also Flag Day.  (You might remember how bad I am at sending out a card in time.)

Happy Birthday David.  Thinking of you and hoping you have a wonderful day.

Love from your sisters,

Ruth and Mary

Chevy 1949





Side View 1949 Chevy






1949 Chevy rear view



Following Mr. John’s Truck Up the Narrow Road

Mr. John's Truck at School

One day BEAUTY, the next day NECESSITY- Andy said the blog is like a Carousel Slide Show and you just don’t know what’s next–

On the way to school one morning.  Shot with old iPhone 4.  How about that narrow road  Parkfield Street?

Not sure how a toilet got named a John,  so I looked it up and found out they are named for Sir John Harrington and that there is even a toilet museum.

One of my favorite posts on the blog is the pink toilet in the snow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cars Driving Uphill Have the Right of Way

….and so when I leave school and I’m driving down Parkfield Street (AKA the Cow Trail) and someone’s driving uphill, the road’s so narrow you have to pull over to the curb and allow the uphill car passage. Even pulled over it can be a tight squeeze.

Wouldn’t you know it, I got lucky on Monday afternoon and as I’m at the curb I look out the passenger window and see the neighborhood of Carrick and St. Basil’s Church up at the top of another hill.   One shot with the window down and then I put the camera back in my school bag and take my foot of the brake and head down the hill as the uphill driver gives a wave of thanks.

Looked up St. Basil‘s story, too.

This shot shows Pittsburgh topography. Hills and more hills.

The trees are full of leaves now. Shot with the Canon 70-200mm lens as I was headed to the  Girl’s Softball game.

Carrick Neighborhood




Not Quite Gilligan’s Island and The Ruins of Something Along Route 28

It was late when I left for home cause I went to photograph the girl’s softball game and

because the Bigelow Blvd. ramp was closed, I had to follow a lengthy detour.

I found myself in bumper to bumper traffic at a standstill on one of the most awful roads- Route 28.         It is ALWAYS under construction.

And there I saw this abandoned boat along the  busy highway.

It took  my mind of my impatience at not being home yet, having to wait.

I wondered how it got there.  To whom did it belong?

It’s like being in a coffee shop and suddenly understanding why someone writing a screenplay is sitting there, working.  A snippet of conversation overheard. You write a script.  You get ideas.

I heard the guy say to the woman at the next table, “You have a certain lyrical unexpectedness.”  (inaudible response from her) Him again, ” I played in a bar last night.”

So what’s the story of the boat?  And the next scene just a few feet later, a few more car lengths down?

abandoned boat

or the next scene when the traffic stopped again.  These scenes  just make you wonder.

Or if I hadn’t been stopped, would I have seen them?

Architectural Ruins

Sure Sign It’s Spring

Bloomfield Bridge Tuesday afternoon waiting at the red light I looked next to me and saw a vision.
Top down on a shiny brightly colored convertible.
A definite change in the weather and I took it as a sure sign that Spring is finally here. (it’s a Murano by Nissan).


NYC Transportation

Another gallery from NYC trip over Spring Break.

Remember the 25,000 dollar Pyramid Game Show?  A category is on the card and your partner lists all the things that are in that category.  Things that Have Wheels?  Things that you ride?  Things that help you get around.

What People Do in Their Car on the Way to Work

I’ve seen women brush on mascara at a red light, adjust the rearview mirror, apply lipstick.

Lots of coffee drinking. Dancing.  Singing.

Cereal eating. Bagel noshing. People talk on the phone.

Guess who found this shot last summer?  That’s right.  On the way to swim practice.

Granddaughter Anna (9). Remember her photograph of the pickup truck full of mannequin legs?  


“Look!  That guy’s brushing his teeth!”    

 (An electric/battery toothbrush!)  You just wonder where he would spit!

I had the camera in my bag and got it out as quick as I could.  My daughter-in-law was driving so that was good.

This is the shot I was able to get as we passed.  He was getting ready to exit.

Brushing Teeth while Driving

The Drink Milk Barn on the PA Turnpike

Shot November 24, 2011 on the way to Roanoke VA.


Bumper Stickers Gone Wild

At the red light, waiting to go into the Liberty Tunnel.                         I blurred the numbers on the license plate.

Bumper stickers have been around a long time but I haven’t seen them on too many cars lately. Until I drove home from school.

New Route, New Sign

Here’s the message board I saw on my way home from my new job at high school as I waited to get onto Saw Mill Run.   A quick snap with the iPhone-



Thought it was a good one to think about as I drove.   In photo class, we’ve been talking  about the Art Element of LINE and there sure a lot of lines in the pic, too.  Not that these lines help the composition of the shot or add interest or draw the eye to a subject- just lots of power lines and wires on the bridge.

I Swear This ’57 Chevy Has a Face

(At least I think it’s a 1957 from the images I could find on google.  

If you think I’m wrong, let me know)

You can see why they made the Pixar movie CARS.  Two eyes and a nose and a mouth are perfect and lend themselves to being humanized, animated and given the ability to talk.

Just in case you need a little something to keep you busy on weekends.

It’s only a mile from my house and I keep seeing her look at me when I drive by.  Cars are female, right? Like boats?   (Except in the movie CARS there are a lot of guy cars)     But do you still  hear comments like, “She’s a real beaut!” or ” I got her up about seventy on the straightaway.”   when referring to a car.  How did boats and cars get designated female  and is that something old fashioned that is totally out of style?  Here’s some debate I was able to find on the subject at English Forums.


Classic Cars – Grand Parade- Kick Off St. Raphael’s Bazaar

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A police car. The Bomb Squad.  A trolley.  About 8 classic cars.  Catch some candy and Mardi Gras beads.  The Boy Scouts marched,  then a Bagpipe and Drum group, the Morningside Cheerleaders.

We had a lot of fun watching the parade in the Morningside neighborhood, not too far from home.

We went to the festival and the man in the information booth was a colleague from the first school I taught in the city -1989.  Small world.  We had a lot of fun and the grandkids loved the spin art and crafts in the Kid Zone.  They loved jumping the bouncy house.

On the way home we drove to Giant Eagle and got ice cream and cones to eat at home. Fresh berries.  Summer!

Scroll down for the slideshow.


Note to Self: Leave Home Ten Minutes Earlier

Two school buses and a garbage truck stopped on the narrow street as I made my way to school. A standstill, brake lights on. Do you worry? No, you photograph the scene. Write a note to self.

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Uncle Frank Put the Engine in the 1953 Chevy

It is an amazing skill Uncle Frank has- refurbishing old cars. Did you see his 1933 Buick?

The car he is working on now is a year younger than me!   He’s got the engine in now. I am fascinated by the ability to do such work.  Watch for future updates as he takes this baby on the road.

And the interior is from a Cadillac.  I wouldn’t know where to begin.  It is going to be a beauty!  Shot in his West Mifflin garage.

Look What’s In The Moving Truck

Drove by the moving truck on the street that runs into mine.  After I drove by, I glanced in the side mirror.  Pulled over with the flashers on and caught what I saw in the truck.

Saturday Night in the Strip

I was the passenger. Steve the driver. This car pulled up to the red light.  I have noticed cars lately. It isn’t that old a model or anything but was immaculate! We went for a couple of pizza slices in Bloomfield after traipsing around Penn and Smallman St.

It is great to be a passenger and shoot without watching the light change.


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