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Woman Waiting for the Man and Dog Behind- But Read the Green and White Sign

I was sitting at the red light. Saw the gorgeous tree blossoms.  Quick shot through the windshield. No time to capture what happened next. The man and dog appear from behind the barrier and return to the woman who was waiting for them.

And when I got home, looked on the computer screen, and read the words on the green sign. Oh my.  Just my kind of shot. Inadvertent, but still……

Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

The challenge spoke of doors and paths, travel.  This is what Arlington Avenue looked like on the way to school Thursday morning.  The October light made the brick building seem to glow.  That is the color it was when I saw it.  No retouch on that brick.  Just morning sun.  I like to think that the start of the day offers POSSIBILITY.

What I saw on the way to school Thursday morning. Shot through my windshield.

Larimer Laundromat in Late Afternoon Light

Make a Good Background for the Start of a Cityscape Collage after artist Romare Bearden

March 5, 2010 Corner of Auburn and Larimer Ave Pittsburgh PA

New York City Rooftops by Day & Night Light-2 photos

How does light affect an image? Time of day. Time of year. Direction. Intensity. Source. Pollution. Weather conditions. Thinking about the quality of light. Taken from E’s mother’s apartment window4/4/09 in New York City looking North.

New York City Rooftops by Day 4-4-09

New York City Rooftops by Day 4-4-09New York City Rooftops Night 4-4-09


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