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Drive Thru Coffee Arriving in Pittsburgh at 6:30 AM 10-16-14

Different parts of the country have Drive Thru coffee all over the place. Not Pittsburgh! Until NOW.

My plan is to be at the new Zeke’s, close to opening,  on my way to school

A good way to start a very long day- Parent conferences/Open House tomorrow.

They are calling it a “soft opening” as they are still “under construction”.

Remember the urban block that is slated to be razed?

Zeke’s Drive Thru will be at 6314 Broad Street in East Liberty

(near the Post Office and next door neighbors to  Station Street Hot Dogs,   starting Thursday morning at 6:30) You can see the GOOGLE flag at Bakery Square from the premises. Hope they make it around the block to support their new neighbor.


There’s a banner on the roof. You can’t miss it. Where the pound bags are just that- one pound!


A Full Pound in Zeke’s Bag of Beans

You know how I love coffee.  That one wonderful cup in the morning.

This morning I receive a text from a colleague who’s teaching art in a different school this year. 

He texted where to come for coffee in East Liberty.        Zeke’s.       Huh?              I couldn’t picture it in my mind.

 Zeke’s Coffee on Penn Ave at Highland Ave.  Only 1.5 miles from my home.  I found it easily once I made the left turn onto Penn it was right there all the time.

And I’ve driven 50 feet from it several times a day and not turned down that particular block on my route.  

Today was the first time I was introduced to the locally roasted delicious coffee. And they’ve been there since 2011!

I bought two bags for friends and family to try and my car smelled like a roastery when I got home. Mmmmmm.

Owned by Chris and Tom (who were out at Farmers Market selling the full one pound bags of their beans that they roasted themselves) In fact that’s how they started at Farmers Market and now they go to NINE of them. ( I looked it up and there was no apostrophe in Farmers Market) 

 I met Brye the baker (wife of Chris) and Alex was the barista and operated the register.  I asked if I could photograph them for the blog and they agreed. Steve and I plan to return in the morning when they open at 8.  





Oram’s Donuts in Joe Namath’s Hometown – Beaver Falls, PA

More than a decade ago I saw a show narrated by Rick Sebak on PBS about Oram’s Bakery in Beaver Falls, PA. Beaver Falls is about 35 miles Northwest of the city and is on the Beaver River.  ( I just looked it up and the show was out in 1999)

Their cinnamon rolls are their most popular donut, and they appeared to be the size of dinner plates. Well, at least a luncheon plate. I am sure each one weighs a half a pound.

I’d always intended to go check them out.

Today I did.

Oram's Cinnamon Rolls

They barely fit in the bakery box.

I bought a seventh cinnamon roll for me to eat for lunch and Josh put it in a white paper bakery bag for me.

Orams 1 Josh

Here is Josh graciously posing for me with the box of the donuts. Thank you Josh.

I was going to take the box to Ohio but the car was so hot that when I was at the Beaver Falls Post Office I saw a woman waiting in a car,  so I asked her if she liked Oram’s donuts and she said yes so I went to the car and gave her the box.  She was most appreciative.

Orams 5 Nicole

Nicole is constructing boxes to hold donut orders.

Josh and his brother built this LEGO®  donut bakery.   They sent a design to a company online and they sent the design kit to build, software is involved.  It’s on display in the bakery and I found it fascinating.

Orams 3Another view of the LEGO® bakery

Orams 2

A lot of details. This is the front of the bakery.


Orams 6

Love the LEGO® donuts



Orams 4



Orams 7I bought a souvenir coffee mug for Steve  if you lived in Beaver Falls and brought this mug in after purchase they will give you FREE coffee (the small size coffee) in your Oram’s mug



Orams 8




Orams building 1912The building was built the year both my parents were born 1912


Oh yes, I mentioned that Beaver Falls is  Football Hall of Famer Joe Namath‘s hometown so I found the plaque to him by the library(the library is closed on Friday’s :-( )    I drove by the Beaver Falls Senior High School but it is a modern one now and so I  figured the old one must be the Middle School next door.



Here is the plaqueJoe Namath Plaque

My friend Gail and her parents took me to see the JETS play in the late sixties and you know who the quarterback was in that game!


Latte Art at Big Dog Coffee on Southside

Met Leah at Big Dog Coffee (former student teacher) this morning for coffee, oatmeal ( w almonds banana and cinnamon) and conversation.

Look at the latte art and appreciate the skill it took to create it. A cup full of beauty. Delicious.


Groundhog Day Filmed in Woodstock Illinois

If you follow the blog, you know that Laura and Mary and I went to Punxsutawney PA February 2nd to see Phil the Groundhog predict six more weeks of winter!

Groundhog Day has always been a favorite holiday in my family.  The celebration breaks up the winter and dreary February days.

It’s a holiday where no cards or gifts are necessary.

Last week on Spring Break, Mary and I took a short (12 mile) side trip to Woodstock Illinois where they filmed the movie Groundhog Day in 1993.

We drove around a bit, walked around the town square  and had a nice coffee (see below). Mary is back in New York City and I am back in Pittsburgh now but wanted to share our quick visit to the scene of Groundhog Day movie, Woodstock, Illinois.

Bed and Breakfast Woodstock IL




the town square



Town Square

The Opera House served as the Pennsylvania Hotel in the movie

Pennsylvania Hotel





Tip Top CafeTip Top Cafe is now  a Mexican Restaurant


Groundhog Days are celebrated in February!

Groundhog Days





Ned's Corner

Elgin Watches



Mary found this place  Ethereal Confections

Ethereal Confections



The most delicious method of making coffee

Delicious Method to Make coffee

Our server came out to the place we were sitting and brought us two samples of delicious chocolates, made on the premises






chocolate rabbits



A highlight of our visit to Woodstock Illinois


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

The example posted by Cheri Lucas Rowlands was a Northern California foggy dawn.

A sunrise – a perfect beginning.

A baby, just born.

The first page of the dictionary.

The first page of the new calendar.

Once you start, more come to mind.

Beginning= possibility?  A new start.

I did not search the archives for beginnings but put the iPhone to use at breakfast-

My Saturday morning.

Here’s the beginning -

Coffee and English Muffin

The special English muffins a surprise in the Christmas mail from Ben and Susan, thanks

A New Page

A newly sharpened pencil ready to begin……

a journal entry, a letter, a poem, a novel, a list-

A single match

Begin with a single match…………..

Middle CMiddle C- “Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start….” “When you sing you begin with Do Re Mi”

Yarn BowlThe beginning of a ball of yarn in my new yarn bowl :-)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!











Liberty Tunnel

Note the Pirates Flag at the mouth of the Liberty Tunnel- Red ligh

Of course I posted the Pittsburgh at daybreak and then they call for GOOD MORNING challenge

Some new  some from the archives.




La Prima Espresso







sunrise (2)




sunrise (1)

School buses arrive at school



Sunrise in the windows of school

Vending Machine


Vending machine loading at Hudson River NYC



Farm Machinery


Behind farm machinery in Ohio



cross countryCross country meet at Schenley Park

The Stockings Are Hung

At Big Dog Coffee on Sarah Street,  the South Side.  Ready for the season.

When I saw these stockings hanging by the fireplace, I thought it was funny.

I posted a reflection of Big Dog Coffee last November, you may remember.  A great place to meet for coffee.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Everyday life.

Selected a dozen shots for this Weekly Photo Challenge. The photographer who created this challenge,  Jon Sanwell, suggests walking around and shooting people in a variety of settings throughout the day. One of my decisions was to mix it up, peopled and unpeopled shots but the trace of humanity in the unpeopled shots.

What I documented-

Walk the dogs, cook breakfast, make coffee, catch the school bus, sit in traffic,  run out of milk and go to the market, home repairs (thanks to Andy’s father’s screws and nails collection in her basement ceiling)feed the dog, put out the trash, buy a lottery ticket, gather with the family,dine with friends.  Everyday life can be so fine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fellow bloggers respond to the challenge here

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Big Dog Coffee Shop Reflected in Their Nuova Simonelli Machine

It is a stunning and shining beauty of an Espresso machine, the Nuova Simonelli. And as I stood waiting for my coffee, I noticed the reflection of the chairs and wall. I read that they are getting ready to put up some new art so I caught it on a plain green wall day.

I love that Big Dog Coffee Shop opens at 6 AM. They make authentic conversation with you and never seemed annoyed or put out like a coffee shop I used to go to every morning(and the other place doesn’t open ’til 7AM) .  I feel welcomed, appreciated. It’s friendly but not fake.  And their coffee is delicious, too.  They are on the flats of the South Side and I teach on the slopes.  Just right.

Once our book club met in the back room.  It’s a welcoming space.  Pretty soon they will start using the fireplace, too.  I like the oatmeal bar for a splurge some days.  Big Dog Coffee is more than just the jolt of morning caffeine.  It is a joyful start to the day!


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