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Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something

The sound of the engine caught my ear. I looked up. Had camera in hand, CLICK. The auto focus found the tree and utility pole but got the fire engine between as it whizzed by. I was going to visit my friend S and have tea in her artist's studio (formerly garage) last September.

FDNY- Ten House Across the Street from World Trade Center

There's a plaque on the face of the engine house with the 9/11 fallen heroes faces and names in bronze.

“Still Standing”.  The Seagrave Truck made in Clintonville, Wisconsin has an amazing story on the Ten House website.  On the side of the building is the Bronze 9/11 Memorial Wall.  The garage door was open part way.

You see the new World Trade Center rising high out of the construction site.
There must be a hundred cranes.
Around the corner the 9/11 Memorial Wall.
Mary said someone from Hawaii must have been there-
a dozen leis dangling from the tripod that held a wreath.
Lots of people from all over the world,  taking photos.
It started to rain.


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