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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color








Colorful Flowers









purple wedding cake











pretzels mustard




















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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Thank you for all of your thoughtful comments and emails of sympathy in response to yesterday’s tribute for Theresa.

 Sharing your kind, caring words  and blessings meant a lot to the whole family at this difficult time.  Thank you.


The Weekly Photo Challenge

The theme this week seemed the most cryptic to me to decipher.  I looked at the excellent example by Christopher Martin and read about how to go deeper into the scene.  What to do when you are actually photographing.  How to go “beyond the obvious”.

I didn’t go out and shoot specifically for the challenge but looked at what I had in my archives and tried to look into the photograph to see a whole new photograph within the image.  Showing both photographs seemed the way to go so as to compare but I have decided to try to go with the challenge as intended, instead of justifying my edits.

One thing I learned-  I photograph the obvious and need to consider the photograph hidden within the one that presents itself.  We’ll see how it goes in the weeks to come. Intentional lost in the details photographs instead of edited ones I have already taken.  I will look for the picture within the picture as I shoot.

My theme might have ended up being “Crop in the Details” as I try to not crop my images.  Once I read about not cropping in an article Henri Cartier-Bresson.

So by looking for the “lost” part of the challenge  I definitely “found” some new photographs.

Viewers can judge if the choices I made for the challenge are successful or not.


Magnolia Bakery Window on Bleecker St

Magnolia Bakery Window on Bleecker St

Guitar Pick on Piano Bench- Peter King on Guitar

Guitar Pick on Piano Bench-
Peter King on Guitar

Murphy's Nose

Murphy’s Nose

St. Joseph Bread and Wine
St. Joseph Bread and Wine

Horseshoe on the Firehouse Wall

Horseshoe on the Firehouse Wall

Car Wash Window

Car Wash Window

Downtown Birthday Hat

Downtown Birthday Hat

Icicles on Christmas Garland

Icicles on Christmas Garland

Manicure and T-shirt Match

Manicure and T-shirt Match

Lawn Ball in Snow

Self Portrait in the Lawn Ball 

Ball and Basket in Nancy's Pool

Ball and Basket in Nancy’s Pool


Watching TV in an Empty Box

Ivy on Brick

Ivy on Brick

Firefighter Takes a Moment to Pose

Mark and Erika were cleaning out the garage on Sunday afternoon. Anna was helping. Maura napping. When you start a major project like that it’s difficult to stop. You don’t want to lose momentum! It’d be tough to get back to the task. They were readying the space for pulling the cars in as the frost is coming.  BUT- Michael and Jack really wanted to go to the Fire Department Day.  I was packed and ready to head back to Pittsburgh- E asked if I could take the boys to the Fire House.  An unexpected good time to share!  I drove the boys to see the fire trucks and I am so glad we went.  We saw them burn and extinguish two rooms, one without a sprinkler system and one with. Yikes!  Will post the one without the sprinklers as it is more dramatic. Michael, Jack and I had a great time together. They climbed into all the emergency vehicles and ate popcorn and there were free balloons.  I  love when they read all the car logos in the parking lot.

Spectators at the Firehouse Demonstration

Jack and His Dad Climb Firehouse Hill – Columbus Ohio 2-20-2010

Saturday Afternoon Sledding on Firehouse Hill, Orange Rd- Columbus, Ohio


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