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What It Looked Like Four Years Ago Today

 February 2010-

There was a huge snowstorm and the whole city was covered with snow… for at least a month.  I was supposed to fly to Florida for friend Kristin’s big birthday and take photographs of the event.  Greater Pittsburgh Airport was shut down, no flights in or out. I  never made it to Florida for the weekend.  :-(.  (Happy Birthday again, Kristin!)

For those of you who’ve been following the blog since 2010, it’s a repeat.

You know how I like to take a color photograph that looks like a black and white. This is unretouched.

The big snow was the impetus for my beginning a photo of the day, and I’ve just kept at it since then.

p.s.  concerning yesterday’s post of French Pastries here are the details on the “dark chocolate something“-   heard from Lisanne at La Gourmandine Bakery and she said”The chocolate cake is called “Royal” and made of dark chocolate mousse with a layer of crispy praline and sponge cake”



Snow 2010

Orchid Cactus’ Short Bloom

My friend Kristin sent this beautiful Orchid Cactus (epiphyllum) blossom from Florida- on the phone!
I invited her to guest blog it. I had never seen an orchid cactus before.

The cactus blooms once a summer and the flower lasts about 24 hours.

Glenn Rice’s page states “Opens and closes in a single night” opens and closes on a single night

That’s it. A beautiful short life.

Kristin got the cactus at a local/ native nursery.


From behind the bloom



Thanks Kristin for sending the beautiful blossom. I forgot to ask if it has a scent.

Proud to be Born in Florida

(Blog follower and Floridian friend Kristin, my guest blogger the other day with with gators on Christmas, is going to enjoy this photograph)

Michael is the only grandchild born in Florida and he’s proud of it.

I was fortunate he was an August baby and I hadn’t started back to school yet so I was on the scene to take care of big sister Anna when Mom and Dad went to the hospital.

The family has a Pittsburgher, two Buckeyes and a Floridian.

This Christmas Santa helped Michael get the proper gear to represent The University Florida Gators.

No one else in Columbus Ohio is sporting these colors around town.  They’re all in scarlet and gray, right Rob?

What is your team?

Proud to be born in Florida

Skip if Squeamish- Live Crickets Containers at the Food Market in FL

Florida.  A couple of years ago.  I was shooting a friend’s daughter’s wedding. We stopped at the market to shop for supper.  Not for live crickets.  I just happened to see them there at the market.

 Remove bottom lid to fill?

This display was something I’d not seen before. Seemed an interesting offering in a food market. I have driven by signs for Live Bait over the years but never really thought about it as I’ve never gone fishing.  I didn’t pick a canister up to see if it was filled or empty.  There are no holes for air?  Maybe these are empty, waiting for you to fill them?  Maybe some of my friends and followers who fish or keep spiders will know.

I looked up Live Crickets and discovered there is a whole industry. Also read a lot about crickets being kept as pets.   People need them to feed their pet spiders and reptiles.  Never really thought about that either.

Maybe best not thought about.  The food chain.  These are for fishing?

Just a bit different photo to start off the week.  Once in second grade, a long time ago, we studied a unit on Grasshoppers and then the teacher opened a tuna size can of them and we all tried to eat a piece of grasshopper.  No kidding.  What I remember is that it was like the hull of a popcorn kernel and it was oily.  I can’t remember any taste to describe.  It did not taste like chicken.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Sunrise, St. George Island, Florida.  My friend and her daughter.

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Barred Owl – Niceville Florida- Guest Post

from my friend Shuey in Niceville,  Florida.  He emailed this photo to me and I asked if I he’d allow me to post it and he said yes!  I thought it was exceptionally cool to see an owl closeup.  The site he sent said  ” sometimes the Barred Owl sounds crazed”

Nice shot and thanks for guest blogging!

“This was my 3rd try at getting some pics of one of our neighbors – a  Barred Owl.  It’s half of a nesting pair who live in the woods behind our house and this one likes to rest in some trees next to our house in mid to late afternoon on nice days.  They can be heard in the mornings, about an hour before dawn hooting behind the house.  The first time I heard them I thought they were dogs and another time I heard a commotion and think it may have gotten a small cat . . . hopefully not someone’s pet.

It was very tolerant today and let me move around below him for quite a while before moving off to another nearby tree.  This is their nesting season and hopefully I’ll be able to see some young owls in early April.

If you want to hear one, go to this site, and scroll down to the Barred Owl, then click  on the arrow in the center of the video picture.


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