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Whose Chair?

Found in McMurray PA on my way home from a First Bday party last Saturday evening.  I’d pulled off the main road cause I was traveling the wrong direction. Before I went to pull out I was able get the camera off my seat as I sat at a stop sign and catch this chair. Canon 70-200 lens on 5D.  I shot at ISO 100 and I wish I had changed it to 4oo.

McMurray PA

Novelty Architecture-Bedford PA- The Coffee Pot

I imagine this scene has been captured thousands and thousands of times by passersby like myself.

And if you enjoy looking at the Coffee Pot there are plenty more structures to read about here



Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

All lunging for the hard roll.

Inspired to post this shot after seeing the example of the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Unusual.  The largest lake in the Commonwealth-Pymatuning State Park.

I have never seen anything like this scene and it was much more dramatic in person. My friend Joan took me here when we went up to see the then abandoned Conneaut Amusement Park while staying with a friend of hers.  She had told me I wouldn’t believe it when I saw these fish. She was right! I have always wanted to post it but then it slipped my mind until I saw Sara Rosso’s email from WordPress today.

Perhaps a video would capture the effort of these creatures, desperate to get the Italian hard roll.  They are all on top of one another.  It seems a crowded existence.

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After Yesterday’s Photo, a Beautiful View of Pennsylvania from a Train Window

Coming home to Pittsburgh from Philadelphia on the train, this vista is just outside of Lancaster. Shot with a Canon 20D, my old camera-through a train window.

As If “Not Littering” Were/Was(?) Enough….. Which is Correct?

Okay Grammarians. Here’s your chance. I can’t decide which is correct.

1. As if “not littering” were enough to keep Pennsylvania beautiful.

2. As if “not littering” was enough to keep Pennsylvania beautiful.

The more I read them the more I think I should go with- #3 choice-

Is just “not littering” sufficient?


“Not littering” isn’t the only thing necessary………

No way to dial a #1-800-Grammar line and find out which is correct.

It’s after eleven PM. The English teachers, working or retired, I know are fast asleep.

Surely someone can help me out with the proper wording of the title.

Maybe it will occur to me in the middle of the night.

Or just check out the sign and don’t worry about my inability to decide.

Shot near Rankin Bridge on Route 837.

This sign is on the entrance to a car junkyard.

Boy’s Best Friend

Man's best friend? How about Boy's Best Friend?

Michael and Murphy Survey Aunt Linda & Uncle Frank's Snow


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