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Wordless Wednesday


Does Anyone Really Know What Time it is?

Not in my house. Unless you are checking your phone. 

Or the oven digital in the kitchen or the two on the desk in the front hall.
The weekly challenge is Time

The clocks and watches in my home are not synchronized with the time zone.

The one below is correct  too but I had to remove the art work to check it 

    Digital clock was a retirement gift. Right time on the Roman Numetals once I took off Joan’s artwork she sent for Christmas 
  Grandfather clock works but not set


My fathers mother’s clock 

Needs a battery   On the kitchen wall
 Bunnykins below needs the whole works

1908 Seth Thomas 

  The clock from my classroom 

A defunct watch

 *credit to Chicago for title 

A Space Between Hashtags Makes a Huge Difference

…like whether you are considered for a big prize, Doritos. There won’t even be a bag of Cool Ranch for me to send my friend J in Florida. She is the one who gave me the pattern for the tiny sweaters years and years ago.  I really wanted to win!  OOPS.


Here is what I hope for starting Monday, a new week, a new day.

May the new lunar New Year bring me better luck.

So what do you know about hashtags? My wordpress blog has tweeted my posts more than two thousand times.  But is was set on automatic to post on TWITTER and although occasionally they were liked or retweeted I really didn’t know much about how to tweet accurately and effectively. So learned a very hard lesson last night.  If you want a proper link to your TWEET, leave a SPACE between the hashtags.  What do you know about hashtags now?  They are really really important.

Thanks to everyone who viewed and commented and liked and retweeted my entry for the #Doritos #Entry    NOT the #Doritos#Entry- NO SPACE.  Yikes.

It wasn’t until later that my daughter told me that I needed a space between the hashtags.  My friend V had said earlier, read all the rules and do it correctly so you are sure it is out there.  I thought I had.  More than 500 people saw it.  Plenty of you retweeted it  but there was no space between the two hashtag entries.

I kept looking for it on the Doritos feed page on Twitter.  By the time I got the other photo in it was halftime.
Oh well  It was a cute idea and I had fun setting it up and photographing the “family” and it got to me to get out of the house and buy three bags of Doritos.  I was just bummed that although I generated a lot of activity on the tweet, it wasn’t tweeted properly.  I know there are a lot of people who invested in lottery tickets, too, with the fervent hope they would win big!

Thank you dear blog followers

Be Tweet- #SB50 #Doritos #Entry

I posted a photo for the contest that started about an hour ago and goes until the final whistle at the end of the Super Bowl.

If you have a twitter account, please like my photo and retweet. Thank you blog followers. At home with the DORITOS. IMG_5644Waiting for kickoff!

Thanks blog followers.


Squirrels Can’t Make a Home in Mine

Sometimes you need to call an expert in their field.

A DIY project, when it comes to wildlife encroaching on your territory, doesn’t work

Living across the street from the park and having beautiful deciduous trees makes it a terrific place for squirrels to live. Great. So long as they stay in the trees!

I am really glad it isn’t bats.


The box gutter had a large hole around the downspout, chewed by a critter(s). When I got home from my midwinter break I heard the scurrying of little paws outside my bedroom window but inside the wooden box gutter. It’s an old house.

Yesterday, I had to call Pete Cappa of Cappa Wildlife Control Services. Within 24 hours he arrived to assess the situation.When we were settling up, he told me about being bitten right down to the bone of his thumb by a squirrel and how much it hurt.

I asked him if I could photograph him for my People at Work series and he graciously agreed. Thanks Pete. And you might notice on his website he does not deal with cats or dogs.

“Specializing in the humane removal of nuisance wildlife!”


He got out this critter in the trap from the back of his truck for the photo. From someone else’s home.

I didn’t want my home to become Grey Gardens.

Camo Cactus

Guest blogger is friend Lisa who captured this shot when she took a walk.

Power in disguise. I should have included this image along with the real Saguaro yesterday so one could compare.

Believe me, when this “cactus” is all closed up and there is not a cherry picker parked alongside,  you’d drive right by a hundred times and not see the bolts or secret door!


There’s a link to photos of disguised cell phone towers

So Different- 

No maple, oak or birch. 

I’d never really seen a Saguaro Cactus up close (except in movies and cartoons) until my midwinter break.

Saguaro Cactus of the Sonoran Desert- click for info about  Saguaro Cactus




New York City Fire Escape

My sister sent me these photos of the fire escape outside her window. (After last weekend’s storm)  

  Thanks Mary for the guest blog.

Screen Shot

Or shot through the screen.

Early Sunday morning. 

Could be a good one for the What’s Inside? –52 in 2016 Challenge 

Saying goodbye to my daughter and grandson and Penny the golden doodle.

Headed back to the Burgh. 

Temps up to 63,  I noticed on the car thermometer reading. Felt like a Spring day.


Winter Afternoon Rainbows

Light through the dining room chandelier in Ohio. 

I was folding sheets and towels, fresh from the dryer.

The afternoon sun streamed in, through the window and then the dangling crystal, onto the door jamb and the sweater drying on the laundry room door. The ceiling, too. 

Vibrant gallery 2

The colors intense and vibrant. 


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