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Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

I could sift through thousands of urban photographs for this week’s challenge: urban.

There are the suburban shots of the family in my file folders, too.

Choosing a cohesive urban series was my personal challenge. The most searched term on my blog and a true urban image is NYC Rooftops at Night  which I posted in 2009.

I live and work in the city of Pittsburgh, driving across bridges and past demolitions, playgrounds and chain link fences. There are skyscrapers and empty lots. When I visit my sister in lower Manhattan there are  hundreds more images to shoot and file. And why not throw in a couple from Zagreb where Matthew lives?

So much for a cohesive series.  Here are my urban selections for this week’s challenge. A couple will be familiar if you’ve followed me for more than a year.





























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Somewhere Under a Rainbow

The neighborhood is Shadyside.

Almost to Walnut Street along Shady Avenue, I had to stop and pull over.

A summer cloudburst, along with the sun appearing in the western sky- rainbow!

I’m sure the image could be tweaked a bit to darken the colors, but this is just as it was. The building is Calvary Church Parish Hall on the left, the church on the right.  The 50mm 1.2 L lens  was on the camera.

When a Dog Smiles at the Camera

You have to take a picture. I asked the owner’s permission.  She looked as if she had just been on a run or about to go on one with some friends.

His name is Oliver!

Oliver is a Heinz 57 mutt and he was smiling for the camera!

He’s six months old and has that puppy energy and enthusiasm.  What a happy guy.

I’d just come out of the end of the year faculty meeting/gathering at the Hofbrauhaus on the edge of  South Side Works near the riverfront trail.

So thanks Oliver (and your owner also- sorry I didn’t get your name)

I know Murphy smiles for the camera, too.

What a great personality!  

Locker Contents

Wednesday is the last day with students- Friday the last day of school for the year.


Green-Tipped Straightneck- Organic Baby Squash

Bought from the Farmer’s Market in East Liberty Monday afternoon.  In haste.  It started to pour.  Will get the name of the vendor next week!

Green-tipped straightneck squash and a few baby zucchini. I liked the green-tips which looked as if the squash ends were dipped in green paint.

Fresh Baked Pies on Handmade Ceramic Pie Stands at the Farmer’s Market

(I am posting this with our dear friend Rob in mind . You might remember he guest blogged for National Pie Day when he was a pie judge) 

Okay, I posted the donut for National Donut Day and then yesterday’s baked goods upgrade of the elegant French macarons.

Today it is the fresh baked pies. Fresh Baked Pies from Annie Oakley’s Kitchen that is!

Meet Annie the owner of Annie Oakley’s Kitchen and her sister-in-law Christa, who is a pie apprentice.  They were sporting company shirts and aprons and selling delicious looking pies at the South Side Farmer’s Market on Carson Street.

I loved that they had a box of forks so you could dig right in after purchase.

Annie the pie maker on the left and Christa (sister-in-law) the pie apprentice on the right.

And Mom, Bryna, is the ceramicist who created the pie/cake stands for the display.  She also makes ceramic pie plates for sale.

What a fun booth they had set up in the Farmer’s Market on Carson Street.  They are at the Whitehall Farmer’s Market on Mondays.

I sampled the apple butter which she sells on ETSY  for just $4 a jar.

I bought two small strawberry rhubarb pies for $5 which was a sweet deal.

Cowboy Ignores Sign Posted

A Day to Remember

A neighbor’s display in his yard.  Each flag has a metal marker of a different war.  Too many wars.

Happy Birthday Mark

Love you,  Ma

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Steel Making- Braddock PA

Edgar Thomson Plant  United States Steel    Mon Valley Works in Braddock, PA Shot less than two weeks ago

How does color or lack of it affect a photograph? What about cropping?

The five photos below are all from one master image.

Discovered the folklore of Joe Magarac, a legendary steel worker from Croatia  tried to find online if that statue of a steelworker is supposed to be legendary Joe Magarac. Check out the article Folklore or Fakelore?

And I found a cool driving tour of the mills video from 1988

or see the Steel making process in this video

Demolition in Swissvale

Driving back from Braddock, I saw people on the sidewalk with cameras in hand.

Then I saw the demolition of a house taking place.

I turned a corner and parked and got out and took a few pictures.

I thought the first one the best as it showed most of the scene. But the progressive close-ups complete the story.

My son’s in-laws grew up in this part of Pittsburgh. I heard that the house had been empty for ten years.

It was sad to see it demolished even though it must have been in bad shape. Y0u wonder who lived there.

What happened that it became abandoned.  You know there is a story.

I saw a green plastic basket in the rubble

*And I looked up the CASE excavator model # and it says it is 37, 700 pounds operating weight.

City Alley View

And the close-up cropped version

Tie-Dye With a New Generation

Eighth graders in the art room.

Rubber bands and string. Buckets of color. Vinyl gloves.

Bought more shirts tonight to take to school to try again.

They’ve got the hang of it.  The practice.

I tell them – no design turns out exactly as planned.

Friday morning in the hallway a blur of t-shirts walked by.

I felt satisfied.

Did you ever tie-dye anything in your life?

Yoga Facing North

At the David Lawrence Convention Center, Downtown Pittsburgh

The Farm to Table Conference back in March-

This image has a lot of lines. You can see Allegheny General Hospital.And a bit of the Allegheny River with all the buildings on the other side of the span.

Buildings Demolished- A Sign Discovered

Converted to black and white to accompany this discovery.

A bit of research on the web  and I found the photograph of the Fiore Family in their Larimer Meat Market.

I drove by just before sunset and was surprised to find some buildings missing.  The ground covered with hay. And then I spied this wonderful sign.  What a gift.  Larimer used to be densely populated with Italian immigrants but this area is fairly desolate now. Vacant lots were restaurants and shops used to be.  There are still homes in the area but lots of spaces in-between of what used to be there. About a mile from my house.

Only the automobiles in the photo give it a date.  TODAY.

I hope some of their descendants find this post and write a comment.

copied and pasted from a Google Search.


General Grant’s 190th Birthday Party

We have interesting friends.   Here’s a creative celebration Steve and I went to on Saturday night.  What a fun event.  Here are a few of the details. Hardtack crackers and dried black-eyed peas.  The sheet music for Tenting Tonight on the piano. Photographs and books bearing the General’s likeness.  A willingness to celebrate and have fun.  A Prantl’s cake with five candles for his rank. I made Rice Pudding after reading that it was a favorite on the Presidents’ Food Timeline.  Thanks Tim and Bernadette for being such welcoming hosts. We had a wonderful time!

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Price Bennett- Street Musician on Liberty Ave

Price Bennett appears
Monday- Fridays Smithfield Street/Downtown
Friday and Saturday Night- Carson Street/South Side
Saturday Daytime Strip District
and he gave me his email if you wish to contact him
I watched him  lick his finger and and slide it across the head of the drum. In this article they call it  a moose call.

Jurassic Pittsburgh

What On Earth Are We Doing?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Earth Day 2012

Elvis the Penguin Paints at National Aviary for Persad Patron Party

Pittsburgh’s National Aviary was the happening scene on Friday night in the city.  Steel Band music. Desserts.

  Artist Reception and Patron Party was in full swing.

Elvis the African Penguin Makes Art to Auction Off to Benefit Persad Center

His feet were all aflutter. Perhaps he enjoys making art without an audience.

Here is the piece I donated. They invited a group of artists to create a commemorative artwork to celebrate their fortieth anniversary.   I know one should just make a donation and not tell about it but it is a good cause and perhaps some of my students might seek counseling here in the future and be helped as my good friend J always tells about a former student the organization helped  a long time ago.

 Below is the photograph I created to commemorate their 40th Anniversary.

Thanks to Steve I was able to get 40 candles lit and photograph quickly in the dark dining room at night.

Had to bake the cake first before I could photograph it and I chose the wedding cake recipe from the Cake Bible  by Rose Levy Beranbaum and used lots of gel food color by Wilton.  Buttercream icing.

UPMC presents Celebrate Life, Celebrate Art

 Monday, May 14, 2012

August Wilson Center for African American Culture
980 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
6:00 – 11:00 p.m

“Persad’s signature event is both a verbal and silent auction featuring over 200 pieces of art from local, national and international artists including photography, painting, sculpture and jewelry. Come enjoy great food, drinks and entertainment and take home some fabulous artwork.

To purchase tickets to the event or to purchase an underwriting package, click here.

Einstein in the Flower Shop on the Corner

The sign in the window says, BEWARE OF DOG!   I’ve driven by this place for almost six years as I go back and forth to school everyday.  Sometimes there are balloons tied to the signboard outside. It’s on the corner at Brownsville Road-  PLANTS & FLOWERS by Lisa .

Today I pulled over to the curb, ignored the meter, got out and went inside. I was headed to Bridgeville to visit a friend. Einstein used to have two white tufts of hair that stuck out, hence his name.  The two women were really helpful to me and I asked if I might photograph him and they agreed.  I thought about the flower shop as I left and drove in traffic, finding my way to Bridgeville. I’d heard that photographing animals with a black fur coat is difficult and looking at the shots now (available light) I concur. But those eyes were really checking me out!  Einstein was friendly and wanted to communicate. Must be used to new customers off the street.

My grandmother worked in a flower shop in Lincoln, Illinois, and when I was small I would visit her there.  I remember the spools of ribbon, the sticky green tape, the wire stands and styrofoam base, that green squishy foam and of course the smell of the place but the thing that sticks with me the most was her can of spinach and a hard boiled egg she kept in the cooler for lunch.

What I Found on the Sidewalk by School

I walked on by-

nearly passed it up-

even thought it caught my eye.

It’s a rush and a hike between schools.

Time’s always short.

But after I stepped past, I turned around

got down on one knee and shot this little gift

to me- hard boiled yolk, a bit dried,

rolled in sandy crumbs,

abandoned on a sidewalk, fell from a lunch bag

or on the way to the nearby dumpster, missed.

Easter is over.

Didn’t make it to the egg salad bowl.

I drove by after school, to see if it was smashed

maybe rolled an inch, more dry, but still there

all those hours later, just not in as good a light!

Alexis and Jarrett Tie the Knot and Jump the Broom

A happy wedding celebration.  Alexis and Jarrett exchanged vows and rings in a beautiful ceremony, witnessed by family and friends. They were declared husband and wife………..

then they jumped the broom  (the bride’s mother had decorated it in the wedding colors)

Alexis and Jarrett granted me permission to post photos from their Saturday March 31st wedding.

Wishing them every happiness!

(You might remember the Christmas party of Pastor Garland (his mother) when I photographed their church dinner. They’re in that picture too!)

People at Work- Butcher at Schwartz’s Market (now closed)

The market closed a year ago after being open for 83 years! Photo taken 2009


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