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Early Bird


sunrise and gull ST George

The weekly photo challenge is Early Bird  The golden hour BEFORE sunrise.  This is just at the moment of sunrise on St. George Island State Park, Florida where I was visiting dear friends last summer.  The last morning we were there we drove and then walked to the end of the Island.  It was a beautiful sunrise.

sunrise St George gull

Another early bird- in  a tidal pool, not at the State Park but by the house where we were staying.

Early Bird

“For this week’s photo challenge, get up early and explore the morning light.”

                                                                                                                                       -Brie Anne Demkiw




Peaceful, Calm, Untroubled- all sound good to me

Serenity – continued.  Finding photos to go with this week’s theme has been satisfying. Thanks for looking at today’s gallery of images that feel peaceful in a variety of ways.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

Angular. A gallery of angular.  A WPC created by Xiao.


Photographed on iPhone from the school parking lot.Carrick neighborhood. Pittsburgh PA.


A grilled cheese sandwich cut in triangles.

Bench Snow

Snow on a bench in Rockford Illinois

cobblestone road in hill (1)

Cobblestone Road off Centre Avenue, The Hill District

folding chairs

Folding Chairs  Bloomfield Little Italy Days

Jane's carousel

Jane’s Carousel Brookly New York

freedom tower

Lampost and Freedom Tower New York City

brooklyn bridge barge

Barge Through Brooklyn Bridge

nyc subway

Chambers Street Station  New York City

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin’ weekly theme by Krista. I love summer.   School starts back August 19th. Savoring every moment.


A mixture of the farm in Ohio and the beach in St. George Island Florida

sunrise dogwalk

Sunrise dogwalk at St. George Island Florida.   I don’t know these people but I liked their silhouettes and  reflections in the  tidal pool.




summer swing

Kim, Anna, Laura and James laughing with Penny.


michael Henry

Michael and Henry in summer rain.  It almost looks as if Michael is riding Henry.

maura smoreMaura eats a s’more



smore making

Learning the art of s’more making




jumping and the corn

Jumping by the corn.  Maddie, Laura and Anna.



in the corn (1)

Mark and Jack and Michael walking into the corn for the experience of it.




family on stumpFamily posing with the stump, well actually the giant log that never was growing out of the ground.




beach panorama

Summer by the ocean.








My Tall and Thin Shadow Portrait at Sunrise

Although I’m not at the beach this week, I think about the beauty of the water and sand and the sunrises and sunsets I witnessed. The rhythm of waves.

Tonight I found this photograph.

A self-portrait.  No diet necessary.  Just early morning sun for a loooong look.

I like how the tire tracks and my legs intersect.


my tall shadowWe went to the very end of St. George Island in the state park.  

In order to enter the state park, my hosts had to get a special pass and code to enter as the number of cars and people allowed each day is regulated.

Wordless Wednesday









By the Dawn’s Early Light- Opening Day

As I was driving to school, crossing the Liberty Bridge, I decided to make a right turn up McArdle  Roadway to Mt. Washington and shoot the city from the Duquesne Incline Platform.  Traffic didn’t seem too thick. I knew I could do it.

Time tight,  the light so nice and the next Opening Day would be a year away.   You saw the view from inside the park on yesterday’s post.

A decision, a moment, you know you’re a photographer.

And as I was standing there I realized I’m witnessing the sun rising, coming up behind the buildings. It didn’t take too long.

I had to wait to shoot the sun as it peeked through.  Not exactly Stonehenge in NYC but a thrill just the same!

PNC Park was a happy place as the Pittsburgh Pirates won in the 10th Inning.  (sorry Chicago John) You can see the Ballpark lights glowing on the left hand side of the photos.



Opening Day Pittsburgh



and the iPhone shot


sunrise Pittsburgh





Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!











Liberty Tunnel

Note the Pirates Flag at the mouth of the Liberty Tunnel- Red ligh

Of course I posted the Pittsburgh at daybreak and then they call for GOOD MORNING challenge

Some new  some from the archives.




La Prima Espresso







sunrise (2)




sunrise (1)

School buses arrive at school



Sunrise in the windows of school

Vending Machine


Vending machine loading at Hudson River NYC



Farm Machinery


Behind farm machinery in Ohio



cross countryCross country meet at Schenley Park

A Vapor Trail, the Moon and Thursday’s Sunrise in the High School Windows

Tuesday’s dawn was beautiful.  Two days later, the view on the way into school included the  moon and the vapor trail of a jet. A gift to start the day!  The shot on this day has a bit more of the scene too- the parking lot, the sidewalk, the corner of the school.view at school

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Sunrise, St. George Island, Florida.  My friend and her daughter.

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