Hula Hoop® Revival

I remember having one c.1959.  My hula-hooping skills were weak.  Got some good sports photography practice capturing Anna (6 1/2) on the back deck.  She can do it with very little movement or a lot of twist and sway. She even knelt and “hooped” for what seemed to me to be a long time. Maura(19 mos) clapped and yelled,” Yay Anna”. Perhaps a video camera would have been better but the objective was to show motion with a still photograph. (And I learned how to make the registered trademark symbol using the alt-R on the keyboard)

I was better at rolling it away from myself with a flick of the wrist so it would return to me.

6 thoughts on “Hula Hoop® Revival

  1. I beat a 10 year old girl on a cruise in a hula hoop competition. one of my finer moments in life

  2. Love your black/white photos this week. This photo makes me think that the trick to hula hooping might be to never touch the hoop!!!!! 🙂

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