10 thoughts on “Northside Rooftops

  1. Neat city view, Ruth! I like the shapes and the colors — the contrasts. Lots of life packed into that slice of the city!

  2. I love views of the city, because there are so many of them. It looks like the houses are stacked next to each other.

  3. This looks like a good area for Jazz Poetry Concert, nearby tonight on the Northside Sampsonia Way for City of Asylum/Pgh. Looks like a good place for asylum, too! And lots of material for the writers!!! XOXOXOX E

  4. A beautiful shot. What a awesome city we live in. I know this spot Ruth. Said a special prayer for my Mom there the other day.

  5. I love this picture. It is quintessential Pittsburgh with the houses going up the hill and the small UPMC logo.

Hope writing a comment today is not a major hassle.....I appreciate hearing from you when you have a minute.