Green Eggs and Ham & the Cat in the Hat I Am at School Today (scroll down for image 2)

Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?

Another day celebrating Dr. Seuss at school.  My friend and neighbor across the hall, Ms. Plummer, took the photo of me in the borrowed Cat in the Hat costume.  A friend, Ms. Manganas. down the hall knew I had the red and white Seuss hat and brought in her aunt’s cat costume. What a surprise.  After a moment of hesitation,  I put in on and went down to the cafeteria as the kids were eating breakfast.   3 Kindergartens and 3 First Grades classes went crazy, screaming with delight as I made my entrance. And entrance it was!  Oh my.  They were so excited.  It was a great way to start the school day.  They were so happy and got a big kick out of my outfit.  I had to take it off as I started the teaching day and they were so disappointed. Just too hot.  I would never make it in a theme park character job.  My friend V suggested the photo of me as The Cat in the Hat at school today and I have been trying to get fit at the gym this past year and the costume seems to add a bit of girth but here I am today at school in the hall. I didn’t know The Cat in the Hat was written in anapestic tetrameter

18 thoughts on “Green Eggs and Ham & the Cat in the Hat I Am at School Today (scroll down for image 2)

  1. The coolest cat in the class
    with green eggs and ham to boot.
    Learn’in fun for lad and lass
    then off to home they scoot.

    But . . . did you wear it all to Columbus?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Just the hat. They saw the photo. I might have to get my own cat costume!

      I like your comment
      written in rhyme.
      Thanks for writing
      and taking the time.

  2. Ruth,

    I’ve known you for 35 years and you have ALWAYS been fun – how lucky those children are to have you as a teacher! You will NEVER grow old!! I’ve never seen GREEN EGGS before! Honestly, they don’t look too tempting!

  3. I took Ava and Lucy to a Cat in the Hat celebration at the Post Library. It was so fun! You’re looking good in that costume…I know the kids loved it!! You are such a good sport! Are those shoes Dansko? They are so comfortable!!

  4. One COOL CAT! Ruth, you always go for the fun and making sure others are having fun, too!
    I loved your photos in shades of gray which you had at top for the Winter; and now I really like the “new” one with the golden bridges of the Allegheny. It is a great “transition” photo …. still a bit wintery looking on the Mon side!!
    15 days ’til Spring = March 20th around 7PM!!!

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