Laura and I Went to the Annex Cookery and Tin Front Café- Homestead, PA

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A full weekend of family and happy times. Laura drove in from Columbus and met me at Clarissa’s Boutique at 3:30, ( they close at 4 on Saturday) tried on and picked up her bridal veil and headpiece. I’d driven down from Uncle Frank’s and Aunt Linda’s in West Mifflin on the way to Carson Street and saw the Annex Cookery Store looking inviting. So after we got the veil, we drove back along the Monongahela River to Homestead to check out the Annex Cookery, a cool store that used to be almost behind our first house (1989) in Pittsburgh on Walnut Street years ago. The Tin Front Café (all veg, beautiful bread and local resources) with a wonderful back patio. Judith Tener gave us a nice tour of the cafe. A great place to meet friends and eat, then shop in the adjacent Annex Cookery. Laura and I bought a couple of Joseph Joseph kitchenware items (there is a whole line in the store) and made a wish list for more. Like the triangular olive dish with the holes leading to a circular bowl underneath where partygoers stash the olive pits they never know what to do with after they eat the olive! A square colander that would fit in a sink’s corner perfectly, and all these utensils where the spoon bowl or spatula head doesn’t touch the counter or stove top when it is at rest. They call it Elevate Slotted Spoon or Elevate Ladle- How smart is that? Those Joseph brothers have created a lot of colorful and useful kitchen ware. “Joseph Joseph is now internationally recognized for producing some of the most stylish and technically innovative products available.

I bought a Riviera Bag and it was hard to choose between sizes/colors but you know how I am about the Red White and Blue. Didn’t I just tell everyone don’t buy me anymore Red White and Blue items. Well, it looked like something the kids would think funny when I travel to visit. Of course, I’m not going to look like Julia Roberts carrying her Riviera Bag in Eat Pray Love but the bag is going to be able to hold knitting and whatever else I need to take to the Riviera, I mean Ohio.

And if you ever spent a rowdy evening raising a beer stein and cheering the Steelers underneath the Maidenform, Bali and or Warner’s assorted brassieres hanging at Chiodo’s Tavern (formerly at the end of the Homestead Highlevel Bridge) you can see the bar(without bras) in all its stunning beauty of wood and mirrors and glass right here! Now a Walgreen’s is in Chiodo’s location. 🙁

Get thee to Homestead and eat brunch or “Butternut bisque with coconut milk and basil $3.75 Four bean chili with cheddar and cilantro $3.95 Black bean hummus with sliced cucumber and warm pita $7.95 Spinach salad with apple, gorgonzola, walnuts and pickled beet $7.95 Hot tamale with black beans…” (menu sample taken from their website) Tin Front Café and shop in the unique store with wonderful kitchen and cookware and jazzy aprons and tableware at the Annex Cookery- There are write ups and reviews galore, raving about the renovations, the store AND the café. Click here for one by Patricia Lowry.

Homestead is happening!

A return visit to the Tin Front Cafe 6/15/11-  Joan and I ate a delicious lunch.  I had Grilled Cheddar and Apple sandwich with mixed greens on the side with a touch of balsamic dressing and lovely parings of sharp Italian cheese.  Joan had the spicy spinach quesadilla.  A couple of iced teas and a lot of fun.  Ellie brought out “Happy Beans” with our check- Chocolate covered coffee beans.

(And if you’re following Keep or Pitch there is a shot of the Yard Sale Leftovers at St. Raf’s Gym.)

8 thoughts on “Laura and I Went to the Annex Cookery and Tin Front Café- Homestead, PA

  1. You need to write a book on hidden places in Pittsburgh….sounds like great places, esp to take out of town friends.

  2. The photos today remind me of a place here in Indiana called Brown County (Nashville, IN). All the little stores are so much fun to explore! I always tell myself I’m just going to look but I can’t stand it and have to buy something!

  3. Just received the June Newsletter from the East End Coop, and noticed an AD for vegetarian Cafe next to The Annex! So glad to know the woman who was here in S-side has opened her Store again!! Your photo-essay definitely confirms my trip over to Homestead–and it’s time to walk the Labyrinth again, too!!! Maybe Sat June 11th —- King Kamehameha Day!!! 🙂 Aloha!!!

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