Watching Her Sisters Make Their Mother’s Nut Roll Via SKYPE

Yes, that is a bowl of melted butter used to brush on the dough

Marlene was in Virginia. Her sisters- Linda, Theresa and Georgeann were in Pittsburgh.  I dropped by with the camera to document the occasion and made a slideshow of the beginning to end effort.  I think there were fifteen long metal pans waiting for dough.  They were rolling and filling and letting the dough rise to bake.  Southwestern PA is known for perpetuating nut roll tradition.  Not to be confused with nut horns or nut crescents.

The Pans Waiting for the Yeasty Dough




24 thoughts on “Watching Her Sisters Make Their Mother’s Nut Roll Via SKYPE

  1. Way back in Olden Times, I was one of 2 freshman in my high school selected to take a computer course the first year that computers came to my college prep school. I’ve been involved with them, professionally and as a “hobby”, ever since. All along I’ve said, and still do, that we are only on the threshold of the computer revolution and that changes will come that we can’t possible foresee. Your first photo proves my point better than any I’ve seen, or example I’ve heard, in quite some time. Whodathunk?

    • We didn’t have any computers in my high school that I was aware of but when I went to college there was a computer that took up an entire basement of a building and you could see the computer through a glass window. A dinosaur for sure.
      I appreciate your sharing your memory and your praise is always wonderful to receive, John, thank you. I might have to stick a pin in my head if I start swelling up with pride in response to your good words.

  2. I’ve learned something this A.M. I do not know nut roll pans existed!! But, I’ve eaten my share of kolachi at Easter and they were all baked on cookie sheets. :-))

  3. My mom and grandmother used to have pans like that. And they baked together as I watched. You brought back fond memories. It guess that’s what pictures are for.

  4. Love the pairing of modern technology with home made baked goods. I’m not very good at baking things that require yeast and time to rise. But, I just might have to try making these nut rolls. They sound delicious.

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  7. Could you tell me where you got these pans? Is this something that’s available around here?

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