Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Inside seems simple enough. Until you start to read all the definitions and think about the multi-meanings

Cut and pasted from Your Dictionary – the dictionary you can understand


  1. the part lying within; inner side, surface, or part; interior
  2. the part closest to something specified or implied, as the part of a sidewalk closest to the buildings
  3. INFORMAL the internal organs of the body, as the stomach and intestines


  1. on or in the inside; internal
  2. of or suited for the inside
  3. working or used indoors; indoor
  4. ☆ known only to insiders; secret or private: the inside story
  5. BASEBALL passing between home plate and the batter


  1. on or to the inside; within
  2. indoors

 in or to the inside or inner part of

within the limits of: inside an hour

Murphy inside the van looking outside.

Cool enough on Friday to take Murphy to the Post Office so I could mail something.  He WAS in the back seat.  Moved himself up to the passenger seat  while Maura and I were inside and wouldn’t budge for the short trip home.  Yes, I worried about air bag deployment and the seat belt dinging alarm sound the whole way.  We made it. He does have a harness that attaches to a seat belt for car trips.

We were safe inside the house as Mark held the iPad showing the violent storm while I shot the rain and blowing trees outside. This is the storm where Laura and James lost power for 5 days and Marlene and Donald( Roanoke VA) lost it for 8.

Maura waits inside looking outside for the guests.

Here is the inside of the ceramic fruit bowl Mary gave me when I visited her at Easter time.

The Jesus statue contained inside the clear box was photographed on this trip.

Old fashioned hats in Bedford Springs Resort display with the stairway banisters reflected

Challenge- How to show what one is feeling inside?

46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. Your photos are excellent. I love Murphy and Maura, they both wait in expectation. Thank you for the pingback (I have to learn how to list like this) and for listing my blog.


  2. Maura’s reflected smile in the glass door says it all. Another great shot, Ruth. Murphy and Max would make great driving passengers. Together ,with both staring out a window, they would look like a Disney movie.

  3. I smiled when I caught the reflection of Maura’s toes at the bottom of her photo- priceless!

    • Hey Coltrane. U type good.
      I like to chase rabbits the best. How does the garden taste? Garlic?
      Your dog pal, Murph
      P.s. say hi to Greg

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  5. So many great images. i think the reason you haven’t appeared in the pingbacks is because no where in the post have you actually linked back to the WP page. That is how you get a pingback. Maybe if you link to here: “Check out fellow bloggers posts. Get the inside scoop.” then it will work

    • Good tip. I will try it. I must have done it without realizing it on other challenges but never connected the result.
      Thanks Jo.

  6. I love these “inside” photos, Ruth. Especially the dog and the little girl both looking outside.

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