Longaberger Baskets Home Office Guest Blog

Laura drove past the home office of        longaberger  ( click for building specs)
Longaberger Baskets in Newark Ohio
Thanks for the shot today Laura! (taken March 25th )

I have to go there one of these days soon.

This basket shaped building was listed in the book of Ohio Oddities and you can tour the building but if you have a large group,call first.


11 thoughts on “Longaberger Baskets Home Office Guest Blog

  1. That’s a picnic for everyone you know, everyone they know, everyone they know… Great shot. Love Longaberger baskets

  2. I have a Longaberger bread basket in my kitchen that Melissa bought me quite a while ago. It is very well made.

  3. I was looking for a picture to put on the wall behind my bed and found one in an antique shop. It’s of Longaberger baskets with spring flowers in them and the colors are perfect. Then, it looked kind of alone up there so I bought 10 more pictures of baskets and flowers and arranged them around the big one and it looks fantastic! What fun searching them out in flea markets. I don’t think I paid over $8 for any of them! I’ve always wanted to go to the Longaberger building in Ohio!

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