Waiting for a Ride to Commencement




Saturday at 12:30 PM, Pittsburgh Carrick High School’s Class of 2013 will graduate.

Friday morning, the Timpani were waiting for a truck to take them to Petersen Events Center at University of Pittsburgh.  Ready for their part in  Sir Edward Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance as the seniors walk in the processional.

The bowl of the drum seemed to glow on this overcast day. And yes, there’s a snare drum peeking from behind.


7 thoughts on “Waiting for a Ride to Commencement

  1. Congratulations to the grads. I used to play Pomp and Circumstances each year for Sunday School commencement. I can hear it in my head now.

  2. I love commencement programs. This is the first year in the last five that we haven’t had someone graduating. Nice photo.


  3. “Pomp and Circumstance — the title comes from a line in Shakespeare’s Othello (“Pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war!”) — in 1901. But it wasn’t originally intended for graduations. Elgar’s march was used for the coronation of King Edward VII.”

    • I sent you two Flickr albums to your email with a guest pass to see all the photos from graduation.
      Hope you get them okay. Share with whomever you wish.
      Ms. Hendricks

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