Coney Island Carousel Restored

My sister  Mary sent me a New York Times article  by Lisa W. Foderaro about the restored B and B Carousel in Coney Island.

The restoration took place in Marion, Ohio and took more than five years.  We took the subway/train out to Coney Island on Tuesday morning and found where the horses were located.

As we approached the carousel pavilion’s new location along the boardwalk, we were surprised at the giant lettering in bright colors.  The horses had real horsehair tails!  The special lead horse was carved to commemorate Lincoln’s Centennial of his birth(1909) by famous carver Marcus C. Illions.

There was a paper sign taped on the lead horse with the Lincoln relief, NO RIDERS but the carousel attendant asked if I would like for him to take it off so I could photograph it.  Very nice.  I’m showing the ornate horse with the paper sign, too.

A  carousel bench before restoration with all the layers of paint and after restoration is shown below.

Each horse had a unique expression and markings.  We enjoyed the ride and had great fun.  (And the restrooms are clean and colorful with confetti-like decor)

Carousel Ticket








Coney Island Carousel Lead Horse



Patriotic Horse






Carousel horse






Carousel Pavillion






Lincoln Centennial Horse


The lead horse carved to honor Lincoln’s Centennial of his birth in 1909 by Macus C. Illions


Griffin on Carousel Bench


Before Restoration


Carousel Bench BEFORE restoration




After Restoration Carousel Bench



Carousel Bench AFTER restoration



Carousel Lettering on Pavillion

Carousel Pavillion workers adding the lightbulbs on the letters

And another article about the horses being sent to Marion Ohio.

They were  lovingly and expertly restored at Carousel and Carvings,  by owner Mr. Todd W. Goings.



Carousel Music






B and B Carousel



You might remember that Mary and I rode Jane’s Carousel in DUMBO (Brooklyn) during my Spring Break from school.



15 thoughts on “Coney Island Carousel Restored

  1. What cute tickets and I love that carousel and the horses and the dragons! Oh dear, I feel like a kid seeing these stunning photo’s of yours Ruth! What a treat! Thanks for sharing it hon. 😀 *big hugs*

  2. Beautiful photos of this carousel. They bring back so many wonderful memories. Anyone of these beautiful horses would make an excellent addition to your exhibition gallery.


  3. Now that is one beautiful restoration. i could sit and watch a carousel all afternoon. The universal joy in the faces of its riders is really something to see and I never tire of it. Thanks for sharing such a great series of photos, Ruth.

    • It is a delight, for rider and viewer. Thanks for enjoying the photos. I appreciate your wonderful comments, too.

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