Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia

At least a year ago, my friend Connie W. from Florida, sent a newspaper article from an Ocala paper about the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb Croatia.  Connie must have read it and thought of Matthew, my son who lives there.   I asked him one time about it and then another time and we didn’t talk about it or mention it for along while.  Then I said I hope he could take Flat Ruthie there as I thought it would be an interesting place to visit.  Then Flat Ruthie went missing. And besides Flat Ruthie  hasn’t really had any relationships to break up  that I’m aware of………….

Today in my email I received photographs of his visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships.  Here is what Matthew wrote:

My Blog-following friends- Sasha, Ana Maria and Tanja asked if I had taken Flat Ruthie to the Museum of Broken Relationships.  I hadn’t.  So we decided to go together and take some pics for the Blog.  Flat Ruthie was too busy exploring the remote reaches of my desk drawers, so she opted not to join us this time.  I bought a Bad Memories Eraser for Mom at the gift shop, but a few hours later ran into a friend who needed it more.  Her boyfriend has gone to NYC to play the drums.

 I wonder what she’ll donate to the museum: a pair of scuffed sticks or an abandoned ride cymbal?  Hopefully, she’ll update us when she decides –   Matthew

Welcome to Museum

It isn’t just the objects.  It is the stories behind the objects.




Biker Boots

the story behind the boots


Ana Sasha Tanja

Tanja, Sasha, Ana at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb





A wisp of hair




2013-07-19 17.05.57




2013-07-19 17.11.52 2013-07-19 17.11.42





2013-07-19 17.04.20













Wedding Box








WEdding Box

2013-07-19 17.06.25




2013-07-19 17.06.44










Keka Flyer





At the gift shop



Blog Followers

I am so happy you all encouraged MAtthew to go to the museum!!!


I am not sure to whom the credit should go to for the photo of  Matthew at the entrance.  Let me know and I can edit the post.

Museum of Broken Relationships

Photo credit to Sasha, Tanja or Ana Maria- Thank you

2013-07-21 20.14.58-1









18 thoughts on “Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia

  1. What a wonderful, wonderful place. Thanks so much for posting this. I’m feeling inspired to create something myself now.

  2. Now that was so sweet of Matthew indeed! I also looked to see if I could find Flat Ruthie but it seems she was darting around too much. I miss her. 😀
    Thanks for sharing Ruth. It’s one interesting museum for sure! 😀 *hugs*

  3. This just took me back to several situations in my life where I vividly recall special items and amazing situations I can never forget! What an amazing place

  4. That picture of Matthew at the end cracked me up. Over the years I’ve tried to forget the old relationships. Funny….I seemed to be at the wrong end of the breakups.

  5. When I saw the photo of the boots, the first thing that popped into my mind was: “These boots were made for walkin’. And that’s just what I’ll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!” Dum dum da da da dum dum . . .

  6. I so enjoyed the photos and the commentaries. Thanks for sharing all of this; especially the 2 with Matt.

  7. Not only Matthew was excited, and the three of us were excited too, because we went together with one goal in mind – to take pictures for your blog :). I must say it is interesting to see something on your blog, we’ve been through personally. My favorite exhibit is the love letter on shattered glass, and I’m glad that you’ve put this photo on the blog. If you have any wishes for something that you didn’t see when you were in Zagreb, let us know :). We’ll take Matthew with us, and Flat Ruthie, if he finds her :).
    Warm regards from a very hot Zagreb!

  8. Do not worry, Ruth, Matthew isn’t crying any more, I suppose ! We were all overwhelmed with all these stories…so emotional, isn’t it? My favourite exhibit is AN EX-AXE. Good way to resolve your bad feelings and let them put them in the Museum ! Although, it’s good to have an eraser in your pocket from time to time, for instant use. But it will be too easy…We should all learn our lesson, even from bad memories and decisions. And Flat Ruthie will join us next time. Maybe some other exhibition..

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