Almost everyone’s crazy for Macarons these days.  What’s all the fuss about?

Macaron stores popping up in NYC every few blocks. And in Pittsburgh!

They’re everywhere.   “meringue- like almond cookies” says Jean- Marc Chatellier’s website

And they’re gluten-free.

Have you made them yourself yet?  Most people don’t, but buy them at the bakery.

Preferably an excellent French bakery. In France.

I’ll skip the peanut butter and jelly flavor, though.

I was knitting at a friend’s for tea and she had a lovely sleeve of multi- flavors and colors including a lavender, a lemon  and a salty caramel. (See the red box!)

My favorites are still Jean-Marc Chatellier in Millvale, PA, across the Allegheny River.

I read David Lebovitz- Living the Sweet Life in Paris blog  I Love Macarons with terrific photographs and a multitude of links for more info on macarons you ever thought possible….and if you want to try making his French Chocolat Macarons click here for directions and recipe


macarons (1)


New York City display

macarons in a box

From Squirrel Hill French Bakery




West Village, New York City


Macarons 4


Jean -Marc Chatellier Bakery    Millvale PA



Macarons2 7


Independence Day Macarons in July



11 thoughts on “Macarons

  1. I always think of macaroons as the cookies we eat on Passover. But the beautiful ones in the pictures look nothing like the those.

  2. I so agree with your opening sentence, Ruth. In the past few weeks, it’s like the world has discovered macarons. I do enjoy them but they’ve been around forever. This sudden “fuss” is a mystery to me, too. Nevertheless, your photos are great, the colors so beautiful.

  3. We had a big assortment from Jean – Marc’s for a special birthday celebration last spring. Loved the salted caramel! On Thursday, our family brought some guests from the Netherlands here for dinner. We got the macarons (and other assorted pastries) from the French bakery in Squirrel Hill for dessert. They were a hit! Macarons have become an in thing, for sure!!

  4. They do look very pretty. I think the Macaron hype is the same as the Cupcake craze. These things have been around for eons, but someone had to rediscover and promote them. Great photos. but way too sweet for me. 🙂

  5. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen macaroons like that before, and never in colors. Interesting how the rest of the world sees things!

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