Getting to be Glove Season

A found still life down in the Strip District on 33rd Street.  I was just teaching texture last week and then I found this scene after the fact.

Looks as if these were washed up onto some shore.

Gloves and Gravel might be a better title.  Do you know where your gloves are?

(Okay Rob, Kristin and Kathryn I know you don’t need them in Florida or Hawaii and other warm climate followers- Enjoy your warm weather!)

gloves and gravel


8 thoughts on “Getting to be Glove Season

  1. I pity the hands that lost them. I don’t know where my gloves are and I’ve Max to blame. At least once a month since last Winter, we’ve been playing keep-away with one glove at a time. Now, there are no more left in my “glove space” but I do have single gloves hidden from view all over this place. Some, I’m sure, won’t be seen again until I move from here. 🙂

  2. Gloves are something I need to remember to hunt for. I am reminded of this every morning as I walk to the station with my hands deep in my pockets!

  3. I do know where my gloves are but that doesn’t mean I’ll use them. I was never quite into them.

  4. I know where my two main pairs of gloves are, and I also know where my “back up” gloves are at, too. In the biting Minnesota cold, a gal NEEDS her gloves! 🙂

  5. I found my gloves in my winter coat pocket when I pulled it out for the Steeler game on October 20th. The Steelers even won that game!!

  6. I keep a pair of gloves in each coat pocket so I always know where they are and they match (or go with) the coat. I found a deal on new gloves last year and bought them to replace the worn-out ones. I’m sure my hands will be warner this year.

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