Count 18 Million Human Viewers Plus One

Two years in a row on Thanksgiving, Penny the Golden Doodle watches the National Dog Show.  Seriously.

I saw it today with my own eyes.

The link said there was an audience of eighteen million viewers.  Plus Penny!

National Dog Show


2013 National Dog Show



NAtional Dog Show2013 National Dog Show


2012 National Dog Show2012 National Dog Show as taken by my daughter Laura     (the television on the other side of the living room)



She got so excited she stood up on her hind legs


photo 1

Golden Doodle

17 thoughts on “Count 18 Million Human Viewers Plus One

  1. And I wonder what was going through her head as she watched! Priceless. Gotta send them in to Ellen Degeneres.

  2. Fantastic! She loves seeing her friends. 🙂

    Our boys sleep through TV watching – but love spending the time on our laps. (And cuddling with them is truly one of the only reasons I “watch” TV at all.)

  3. Wonderful post. Thank you. It does not surprise me because my cat who died Nov.5 did these same things and even had favorite shows: The dog shows were among those. And horse races. All races in fact. And animal shows.That is one smart and lovely golden doodle!

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