Snowman Down

I haven’t written a lot about the weather on the blog.  Some blog readers live in a different hemisphere are enjoying summer temperatures and swimming.  I heard from K that it got up to 44, even if Florida.      Deb wrote that we’ve got ice on the rivers.

Storms, low temps, windchill? I know two people who had to get a new furnace.

Weather? You see it on the news.  The computer.  Experience it first hand. Shovel your driveway or your walks.  Listen for two hour delays or school closures.

Tying to not feel down like the snowman,  but hey, it’s WINTER!

Weatherman’s prediction is start at 4 AM and snow until 5 PM. Dress warmly.

My sister had 11 inches of snow in New York City.  What are you experiencing?

snowman down

16 thoughts on “Snowman Down

  1. Frigid cold here in Ohio (of course, we are not that far apart) Farmers live to hear the weather report. I get shushed a lot when it comes on the radio! LOL Sounds like winter is not over yet. Love the poor snowman…..

  2. I’m in Northern California, about 60 miles east of San Francisco….73 degrees this week for daytime highs, sunny/hazy. We’re in serious trouble. No snow in the Sierra that brings us our water supply. A drought has been declared.

  3. It is cold and snowy and windy here in the “burgh”. If there is one positive, we are not having a drought!

  4. Oh, poor Mr Snowman! He looks so forlorn. Of course we’ve had no snow in Florida, but it’s definitely the coldest winter I’ve experienced here. Another great capture, Ruth. 🙂

  5. We have NO snow cover at all and the temps have been going down to 0 or below at night, up to 10 during the day. Today it’s warmed up to a spring-like 20 degrees, but the wind is blowing and there are snow flurries that feel almost icy as they blow in your face. I’m worried about the plants, it’s been too cold for too long up here in Albany to have no snow cover. We got about 8 inches earlier in the season, but when Mary got 11 in NYC, we got nothing!

  6. In Southern Indiana, across the Ohio River from Louisville, we have about 7 inches of snow on the ground and it isn’t going anywhere because the temps are so low and the windchills make it that much colder. Wishing for Spring….

  7. Poor snowman – but sadly, he’s a good indicator for the way winter has been treating us in my neck of the woods. Schools closed last week due to severe temps, and they’ll be closed again tomorrow (high of negative 12 [F], with wind chills at negative 45. Owie!).

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