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What’s on your cookbook shelf?  These days, many people are cooking from recipes on the internet instead of cookbooks.

Did you ever discard or pass on a cookbook and then later regret your having gotten rid of it?

Diets, tastes and trends change over time.  I have a wooden box of my grandmother’s recipes but I’m  not making them.

I always enjoy reading a cookbook in bed, planning meals or dishes to try. Thinking about entertaining.  What I usually end up doing is making the same things over and over again for the most part, not using a recipe.

Comfort foods as of late, with the ongoing winter temps I feel motivated to cook hearty meals-  and eat them!

Here’s my sister’s cookbook shelf in NYC.  You might remember seeing her kitchen.  I love the Coldweather Cooking book and have a copy myself. I love to bake the Brown Mountain Cake out of the Farm Journal Country Cookbook.  The Fannie Farmer makes me think of my mother’s Boston Cooking School Cookbook,  tied with a ribbon.

I open old cookbooks, find a handwritten note or  a yellowed recipe between the pages, see my mother’s hand- memories of my childhood or my children’s childhood, recipes past, present and the ones I’ve clipped for the future (always heavy on the desserts!)

I’ll share my cookbook shelf another post.  Hope you will share your cookbook shelf photo.

Cookbook Shelf

It was hard to get it all in one shot, it’s a tight space!

18 thoughts on “Share Your Cookbook Shelf

  1. I think you’re right, over the years things change. People are busier and can’t put the time into cooking that they once did. Many use shortcuts. I know I do.

  2. After remodeling the kitchen, I now keep my favorite books in a basket and in a 3 ring notebook (printed from the Internet) My “go to” cookbook is the timeless Betty Crocker. I received it for a wedding shower and it got me started almost 43 years ago. I also have a set of index cards wired-bound, on which my mother wrote some of her favorite recipes for me. My youngest daughter also learned to write with that set of index cards… her scribbles and doodles of “words” are part of what I cherish about that book.

    • Would love to see a photo of it sometime- expecially the scribbles and doodles. Thanks for your visit and nice comment today 🙂

  3. I have more than one cookbook shelf, but I only ever use one or two of my cookbooks. Now I bookmark recipes in my iPad from the internet.

    • Post a photo of your cookbook shelf one of these days. Would love to see the variety.
      Especially well used ones, my favorite!

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  6. I rarely touch the books on my cookbook shelf, Ruth. I’ve moved all of my new and frequently used cookbooks to my desk area. I can access them easily if I need to refer to them for a post. It sure beats running back and forth to the kitchen. 🙂

  7. This shelf looks like my mom’s; many books, most unused, but all loved.

    My cookbook shelf is sparse; I have a few core books that tell me most everything I need to know: The Joy of Cooking, Alton Brown’s “I’m Just Here For The Food”, Tim Ferris’s “The Four Hour Chef”, an all-veggie cookbook, and “1001 Cookies”. 🙂

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