Delores’ Sweet Shoppe – Apalachicola, Florida – Key Lime Pie

“Where the locals meet” the sign says. The shop is closed on the weekends- open 7-3 Monday through Friday

After we got some provisions at the Piggly Wiggly grocery, my friend’s sister made a stop so I could get a couple of pies for supper. Her son Jack accompanied me as I didn’t know how to find the door on the side of the wrap around porch.   I needed help carrying the boxes.

Here is Delores, who has been here for twenty years, holding the box with one of the Key Lime pies.

She sells Pecan Pies, too. And Breakfast and Lunch/ Daily Specials, too.

Delores Pie


Delores sign

This is a great sign.




Delores Buns





Delores Sweet Shoppe

You can sit down and eat or order take out.


wrapping up the cinnamon  bunsOkay, we’ll take six cinnamon buns, too!
















11 thoughts on “Delores’ Sweet Shoppe – Apalachicola, Florida – Key Lime Pie

  1. Oh – those rolls look so good. Now that’s what I’ll be thinking about all day!

  2. A great post!
    I like the sign too. 🙂
    Delores is adorable.
    The sweets look yummy.
    And – the place looks welcoming.
    I would so go there if I was in the area.

  3. What a luscious looking Key lime pie…. However I am a fan of cinnamon, those cinnamon rolls look scrumptious! Nothing like a mom & pop old world store for a good homemade product !

  4. Yep – the cinnamon rolls get my vote, too! I hope you enjoyed one or two for me!! I bet Delores has been baking for a long time and still enjoys every minute of it. You can see the joy in her face!

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