Another milestone-2500th post today 

Lots of double zeroes and double letter o on this 2500th blog post. Thanks for looking. 

Potholder loops -in the details

On the loom and off 

Laura’s wreath prompted inquiry- what exactly are potholder loops?

 Take a hot pot lid off without burning your hand. Good deal! Keep cool.

Stretch the cotton loop snd attach to the teeth of the metal loom.Create a pattern or random colored loops.

(you can get wool or nylon loops, too, the nylon material not so effective on hot pots! 

Today Laura made this potholder by carefully planning the order of the loops 

Reminiscent of watermelon by Laurs Use pencils or knitting needles to catch all the loops, remove from the loom and bind off 

Here was Laura’s wreath in case you missed it 

29 thoughts on “Another milestone-2500th post today 

  1. Well we still have a similar potholder that my spouse made – it is in the attic – ha!
    And the pot holders have all owe layers and loops – fits right in to your milestone post! 2500 – holy cow! Congrats

      • There is one more thing that I often think of that you shared once – it was a time you posted about follows and views – a while ago and i think you said that your follows were not up – but your views were – and you were nuts noting the changes in the blog – I have seen that with both of my blogs – my old inactive one and the new zone one.

        Anyhow – you are what I think the opinionated man (Jason) would call a “purist” blogger – you have a natural flow and your blog is all you – if that makes sense – oh I dunno – I should post about it sometime – lol

  2. Beautiful designs – since I wasn’t there from the beginning (no fault of my own, I might add) I think you should post blog number 1. Congrats. You know it is usually the first thing I look at in the morning.

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  4. CONGRATULATIONS! What a commitment!! Love the wreath !!!! the potholders look so flexible … mine are either too large or do not “bend” easily!!!!

  5. I just wrote about your posting daily and here’s the proof. 2500 publications! That’s incredible, Ruth, and quite the accomplishment. Congrats!

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