Woke up to this in my bed

Saturday morning I woke up to this in my bed-

you know I’m always looking for signs.

Thought it a good illustration for  layered, too.

IMG_3302Rainbow created by a thick bottomed crystal mug that was sitting in my windowsill.

(It was a retirement gift from blog follower and frequent commenter Sue!)



12 thoughts on “Woke up to this in my bed

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  2. A positive sign for sure. I see well deserved peace and love in your future. The following is hard to describe. I will try. Last week we were in Va Beach. It was a totally overcast day. There was a small circular gap in the clouds over the ocean. The gap was filled with the colors of the rainbow. The sunshine and moisture created the rainbow. Only a portion of the colors shown through the otherwise gray sky. It turned out to be a beautiful day filled with the comfort of sunshine and sea. We were grateful.

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  3. Absolutely LOVE rainbows! Never had one in my bed, but have had them in the kitchen and it always makes my day like seeing your rainbow makes my day today!

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