11 thoughts on “NYC PEDESTRIANS

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  2. As I sit here in front of my computer on a lazy Sunday morning, it occurs to me that there are people walking all over the world. At any given moment in time, people are out there walking.

  3. Lovely set of people around NYC. Looks like just another day in NYC, people going about their own business. It can be so interesting people watching. Everyone seems to be going somewhere, with something in mind to do or someone they want to see. And you were probably one of them, too…walking along everyone else, watching and taking photos here and there 🙂

  4. Probably one of the easiest places in the universe to find pedestrians Ruth, but how in heaven’s name did you get that marvelous photo of the multiple bridges???

  5. I’d love to be in NYC for a day and be a pedestrian. I am best at being anonymous in a crowd.

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