Carolina Beach Dawn

Weekly Photo Challenge- GLOW created by Jen H. this week.

This photo glows to me. Here are Anna and Maura greeting the sun. (Unretouched image)

Just happened to have spent last weekend with the family at Carolina Beach, NC and we got up each morning to watch the sun rise .  One day was overcast but we enjoyed our early breakfast and waiting for the light to come.


25 thoughts on “Carolina Beach Dawn

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  2. Sounds like great family fun. Sunrise at the seashore is always special. There is a spiritual aspect at least for me. I am always amazed at how quickly the sun comes up over the horizon, i am so glad that you included the children In your photo. I can sense their interest and their joy. This one is making my day.

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  4. Lovely stretch pose, Mayra. From Anna’s posture I am guessing she was also taking a photo or sending a photo.

  5. oops ! Typed a “Y” when it should have been Maura. So much for proofreading skills.

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