Chrysler Building Times Eight

Variations on a theme is the weekly Photo Challenge by Ben H.

I’m not in NYC today but at Thanksgiving, I shot a lot of views of the Chrysler Building. Here are eight of them.

Architect William Van Alen. Completed in 1930.

16 thoughts on “Chrysler Building Times Eight

  1. I love the Chrysler building. It’s so beautiful and it’s such a symbol of New York. Your photos do it proud.


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  3. Oh what beautiful photos of the building my father worked in! His company was the third tennant, 3rd floor, 1930 as you say. I LOVED to go into the City with Mom and visit him there; the switchboard operator let me help her! ….. of course I did not know how famous the Chrysler Bldg. was then! Going to save these!!!

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