Tugboats, Trains and a Tanker Truck

These past few days driving around the city I’ve seen a lot of freight trains. I pulled over to the curb in the Strip District by the junkyard to catch the Wheeling Lake Erie cars overhead. And while visiting at my friend’s house I love to watch the tugboats push the barges on the Ohio River. The tanker truck was in front of me on the RDFleming Bridge while at a red light. Lots of demolition on the hillside there, too. Right now, as I write this post just before bed, I can hear the train whistle repeat itself loudly in the night.

13 thoughts on “Tugboats, Trains and a Tanker Truck

  1. Moving trains are mesmerizing. Sometimes you might catch yourself counting the cars. The rhythm of the sound of the steel wheels along the steel rails when a train passes in the distance on a warm summerr night is like a mantra. The whistle has a mournful sound then. You might conjur up images of hobo camps and men who road the rails. There are Guthrie songs and Kerouac tales and Thomas and Polar Express and on and on and on…..so much comes to mind. Your photos have awkened my imagination on this quiet morning.

    • I take a train to NYC to visit my sister about 8 hour ride. I’ve taken a train excursion in Alaska. I’d like to take a train up the west coast.

  2. I love trains. My grandfather was an engineer, so I guess I come by it honestly. And interestingly, I have always lived within earshot of train tracks. (Even in college.) Go figure…

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