What I Couldn’t Throw Out

First posted almost 8 years ago. Mark is now 42.

The kids all grown up and gone now, I’m still going through stuff in my house. Trying to clean it all out.

These animals with their faces, ugh.

Do you find it easy to throw things out?

From 2010.


Purchased in 1977 in New York City at Creative Playthings. Rubbery farm animals.  Nice to clutch and carry around when you’re almost two. I bought them for baby Mark who’s 34 now.  Maybe the paint is unsafe for the grandchildren, plus they have a hole in their stomach so whatever dirt and mold in the basement the past 20 years is living inside them.  I put them in the contractor bag to drag to the curb and I swear the cow’s eyes looked at me.

I took them out.

Photographed them.

Their faces have the loveliest expressions.

25 thoughts on “What I Couldn’t Throw Out

  1. I think this portrait is the one to keep; the moldy animals can go …. maybe get a book made with photos of all the childhood treasures. JB

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  2. I am a tosser so I have no trouble ridding myself of things. We had a pipe issue several years back so we delivered all my kid’s stuff to them


  3. Old stuff, mostly junk, accumulates mercilessly in attics, basements and storage sheds. Why is it that we do not have the courage or take the time to throw it all out. Perhaps as a reminder how wasteful we are … A post giving us cause for reflection, Ruth!

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  4. In this senario tossing them was the way to go, naturally. If your kids are the sentimental kind like I am perhaps you could give them things of their childhood to reminisce on and even share them with their kids, if they have any, like my mom/siblings have. My soon to be 6 year old nephew gets such thrill over my dad’s John Wayne doll and the 1970s GI Joes. And the horses/horse equipment from the 70’s both he and his soon to be 14 sister just love ❤️ 🙂

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    • My grown up kids really don’t want any of the stuff I’ve saved. Yes the grandchildren think the stuff is treasure. I’m the sentimental one.


      • Do you suppose as your grandchildren get older they could in time treasure them? I ask simply because my mother’s saving items for her grandchildren who are now in their 20’s. Some of her great grandchildren have dad’s really really old metal farm toys. They’re 3 and 5.

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      • They can play with them when they come here to visit. Their moms prefer I keep the old stuff here not send it home with the grands.


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