Grateful for Birthdays

Grateful for birthdays. It was a happy but quiet celebration. Glad my sister is here. More family coming in soon. It was a relaxing day.

Steve, Mary and I took a walk around the Highland Park Reservoir after supper. We got drenched when a sudden thunderstorm appeared just after I took these photos of the peaceful water.

Our power has been out a few hours now. Heard a tree is down on Highland Avenue. Wires down. Hope it can be fixed soon.

25 thoughts on “Grateful for Birthdays

  1. Great cloud photos RuthE. I’m glad you had a good birthday. I don’t think of birthdays as getting a year older. I think of them as being alive another day.

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  2. Beautiful photos. Hope Mary stays for your Opening 07-07!!! That storm ‘took the cake!” Thunder lasted at least 1.5 hours here!!! and what a downpour! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! xoxoxox

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  3. The weather here was crazy, too. A MASSIVE rainstorm from 4-9 am, followed by completely clear skies the rest of the day. So kooky. I hope you weren’t without power for too terribly long.

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