Found Dried Corsage From Unknown Occasion

Found while cleaning.

Dried corsage from an unknown occasion. It was resting  inside an opaque ceramic lidded box. And now that I look at it, boutonnière seems a more apt description. But here’s the thing- Preserved to remember a special occasion?  A sentimental moment. And I’ve not a clue what it could be.

I’m certain other people wear the flowers for the occasion, remove them from their clothing, then slip them into the trash.


A six word Saturday

5 thoughts on “Found Dried Corsage From Unknown Occasion

      • Exactly. I’m a fan of taking an image or writing a brief journal entry instead. A better way for me to preserve memories (or at least attempt to), plus the added bonus of less clutter in the house! 😉

  1. Why, it must be ‘Happy Yellow Ribbon’ Day today! Or maybe ‘This is a seriously handy pin I could use sometime’ day.

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