Our Grandmother Made This

My sister sent me this photo of the doily our paternal grandmother made. It sits on a chair at my sister’s home. Years ago, I’d stitched it onto the solid fabric pillow.

It’s a good way to display an old fashioned hand crocheted doily. The shape suggests it was to protect the chair back where your head would rest.

Certainly we’ve spent a lot of time at home this past year.

Wisconsin Feed Corn Does the Trick

Lovingly stitched by a grandmother in Wisconsin, you put this pillow in the microwave for 3- 5 minutes.  The heat emanates from the corn and is soothing for aches and pains. It holds heat a long time and has the softest flannel pillow case. You slip the pillow in or out so you can launder the case. Her phone # was on the pillow ticking and that is how people know about her.  I was fortunate my friend lent me her pillow for healing purposes since the “being rear-ended last Friday accident.”   I hear they are great to take to bed everyday, especially in the winter.  Every once in awhile if you use the pillow a lot, you need to return moisture to the corn inside-  pop the pillow in the freezer for a day. Then heat again. Not sure the official name of these handcrafted pillows but they are wonderful. R-E-L-I-E-F.   I called her today and ordered three.  Fifteen bucks each plus shipping.  Worth it!


Hot soup
Buttered toast
A call from a friend.
Murphy curled up at your feet.
Grandmother’s soft cotton quilt.
And a friend knows just what to lend.