Tommie (declared male at birth by our neighbor): A Sweet Girl Cat Remembered

The winter of pet loss. Tommie and Fred were of the same litter, brother and sister.  They both suffered from hyperthyroid condition and despite medication couldn’t quite make it to what would have been their 18th birthdays on March 7th.  Tommie would rub up against you and your hand and pet herself if you stopped petting her.  She was feisty and funny.  We will miss her.


Had to photograph the picture on the computer screen. Original on a hard drive that crashed.

18 thoughts on “Tommie (declared male at birth by our neighbor): A Sweet Girl Cat Remembered

  1. Our pets take up a great big place in our hearts. That’s truly unconditional love. So sad to say good-bye.

  2. What a beautiful kitty…..he looks like one we had some years back. It always is so sad when a beloved pet dies…..I’ve never had a kitty live almost 18 years…..Im sorry he is gone.

  3. The cat could very well be man’s best friend but would never stoop to admitting it. ~Doug Larson

  4. I lost 2 cats in two years and know how very hard that was. Sugar, a mean old Siamese, was 17-1/2 and Honey, a big orange tabby, was only 7. I still miss them and have their ashes on my mantel in the livingroom. As I see my other two cats running through the house, I wonder if they are chasing the ghosts of Sugar and Honey!

  5. A great picture to remember Tommy with. Until I read the clarification I thought it was a rendering on canvas print paper. RIP Tommy.


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  7. I liked the post to show support for the post not to delight in the loss… This is a beautiful tribute to a special pet. I’m a cat lover too and we have one… so I can imagine the pain of loss. RIP Tommie!

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