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Thanksgiving Traffic at a Standstill on 70W in Maryland

Seven hour trip took TEN hours on Sunday after Thanksgiving

No Guard Rails-Blue Ridge Parkway-Virginia

My View From Left Side of Car (BackSeat)

2009 Yellow Pages Delivered to Church Closed since 2005-

St. Henry’s Pittsburgh closed in August 2005.  New Yellow Pages left at the front door  have been sitting there for a time.

Find the Phonebook



Inflatable Turkey Sightings Thanksgiving Eve

November Afternoon View Cathedral of Learning Pittsburgh

Driving down Josepehine Street after school I had to pull over, take this picture. The light on the Cathedral was  reflected just before the sun set.

Just before sunset, November afternoon.

November Sunrise- Farmhouse Drive, Pittsburgh


On the Way to School



Find the Bride from the NYC Bus Window


Leaving the Plaza as Seen From the NYC Bus Window



First Signs of the Season in Queens


November 7 2009 Street Decorations



Memories Sparked by Disco Ball Reflections?

Donna Summer Anyone? How about Saturday Night Fever?

Chrysanthemums Central Park New York City


Where they got the idea for the color names-Harvest Gold, Burnt Orange....