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“The Terrible Towel was created by the late Myron Cope, the Pittsburgh Steelers broadcaster who needed a way to excite the team’s fans during a 1975 playoff football game against the Baltimore Colts. Cope urged fans to take yellow dish towels to the game and wave them throughout. The stands were filled that day and the Steelers always seemed to complete terrific plays when the towels were waving” click the quote for history

Do you have a favorite cookie?

This afternoon I was baking chocolate chip cookies for my teenage grandsons. They were coming to visit for the weekend, I thought “ I prefer oatmeal raisin”. I knew their preference. Chocolate Chip

A cup of butter and 2teaspoons vanilla, tasty chocolate chips what could be wrong? Well, not wrong but I actually thought of making a batch of oatmeal cookies, too. (I know some friends omit the raisins.)

“…various ingredients and techniques can affect the taste, texture, and appearance of your chocolate chip cookies” the Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies if you want to see varied results click the guide here

Here’s the recipe I used from the back of the bag of chips