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What Steve Put on the Mantel in Front of Still Life

Deborah McLaren’s still life is one I purchased at the PERSAD  Celebrate Life Celebrate Art auction at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh last May.  The other day I sat at the table, looked up and saw Steve’s additions to the decor.  He has been purchasing RITZ crackers frequently since I bought the painting, subliminal influence?  I wrote to the artist(http://www.deborahmclaren.com/) for her permission to post the image of her painting along with his props. Steve’s fun additions- the unexpected sight of them in front of the still life-  I laughed out loud!  How to make life fun!

Still Life Oil Painting by Deborah McLaren, Props on the Mantle by Steve

City Rooftops at Night- Santa in an Igloo Inflatable

Who creates these inflatables? Who buys them? Why do I like finding them in odd spots?

Christmas House Lights at Night

Last year I used this house as my Christmas Card- From Not My House to Your House greeting.  Photographed it again last night, a year later. No snow this time, though. It appeals to me, even if it is over the top!

Last year a 24-70L Lens This year a 50-1.4LSeries ( Canon)

Lights Off/Lights On- Blinking Christmas House

Wonder what the electric bill is this month for this family?

Real Fruit Fake Fruit

Hardy Virginia Still Life of Fruit-Which is Real?

Mill Mountain Star 60 Years Roanoke Virginina Icon

Guest photographer Mark J McGrath.  Seemed to need a human to illustrate the scale.  Arrived just before sunset.

Ruth in front of Mill Mountain Star above Roanoke


Click above link to read about the construction of the star and the 60th anniversary celebration.

Purgatory Mountain View from Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway View of Purgatory Mountain